Yoon Sang Hyun 尹相鉉 尹尚賢 윤상현 ユン・サンヒョン Tribute MV -Do You Remember It
Fan-made tribute MV by Angela of www.ysh-0921.com for Yoon Sang Hyun 尹相鉉 尹尚賢 윤상현 ユン・サンヒョンtitled "Do You Remember It" with pics of Sang Hyun from his autograph signing event @ Imsil Cheese Festival 2010.07.30 and @ Hallyu Dream Festival PV Ambassador Appointment 2010.08.05. If you are a fan of Yoon Sang Hyun, please also visit us @ www.ysh-0921.com (main fan club) And our following Facebook fan pages HK (in English): www.facebook.com Taiwan (in Chinese): www.facebook.com Philippines (in both Tagalog and English): www.facebook.com Thailand (mainly in Thai): www.facebook.com Vietnam (mainly in Vietnamese): www.facebook.com And Julee's blog: juleecwk.wordpress.com (in English) Also, we have a much bigger collection of Eng-subbed clips about Sang Hyun @ www.dailymotion.com

[Romaji SUBBED] Yoon Sang Hyun - Helpless Love 사랑은 어쩔 수 없네요 [HQ]
Title: Helpless Love (My Fair Lady OST) Artist: Yoon Sang Hyun (윤상현) His voice is soothing! ------------------------------------------------ This is aproduction of RomajiChannel, please do full credits if hotlinking. Videos are only meant for sharing the love for korean music, no copyright infringement intended Join us @ our livejournal community community.livejournal.com Subscribe & Show us love! rate and comment please~