(HQ) [MV] FT Island - Girls Don't Know (여자는 몰라)
An UNRELEASED music video of Yeojaneun Molla (Girls Don't Know) the second track of the 2nd Album Colorful Sensibility (Part I). Packaged in the Rock Prince DVD released earlier May 14,2009. Lee Hongki (Lead Singer) Oh Wonbin (Rapper/Guitar) - EX-member of FTi Choi Jonghun (Lead Guitar) - Leader Lee Jaejin (Bass) Choi Minhwan (Drums) I miss these kinds of clear, clean simple videos. Also, the boys look absolutely gorgeous like a family ^-^. Copyright of F&C entertainment.

You're Beautiful OST- Jeremy singing Still As Ever(여전히) Concert
Jeremy, FT Island @ Jeonju concert singing Still / Still so cute when the banana splitted!!! i love his expressions!! ^ 0 ^ Chowayo!!! : O

[MV][FT ISland]-Raining 中文字幕

[HQ] FT Island - I Hope MV
FT Island - I Hope

[中字MV] FT Island - Love Love Love 愛愛愛(中文字幕)
中字繁中中文字幕MV Full MV Chinese Sub Chsub FT Island - Love Love Love 愛愛愛歡迎留言後隨意轉載,謝謝支持~

090828 FT Island I Hope Live

HOT K-POP 2010 ~ special mashup part 2 ~ (60 songs in one)
This is an end-year special mashup, which features 60 of Korea's hit songs in 2010 (second half). • Download this track at: www.masamixes.com Twitter • @masamixes Facebook artist page: • www.facebook.com • Tracklist: 2AM - Like Crazy 2PM - I'll Be Back 2NE1 - Clap Your Hands 2NE1 - Can't Nobody 4minute - I My Me Mine After School - Love Love Love BEAST - Beautiful BEAST - Soom BoA - Hurricane Venus Brave Brothers - I Want To Cry Co-Ed - Bbiribom Bberibom Co-Ed - Too Late Dalmatian - Round 1 DJ DOC - I'm A Guy Like This E.via - Pick Up Chu~ Fcuz - Midnight Sun FT Island - Love Love Love G.na - I'll Back Off So You Can Live Better G-Top - HIGH HIGH Ga-In - Irreversible Girls' Day - Nothing Lasts Forever Girls' Generation - Hoot GP Basic - GAME Infinite - Come Back To Me IU - Good Day Jay Park - Nothin' On You JYJ - Ayyy Girl Kara - Jumping Miss A - Breathe Miss A - Good Girl, Bad Girl Narsha - BBI-RI-BOP-A Nine Muses - No Playboy NS Yoonji - Just Dance Orange Caramel - Aing~ PSY - Right Now Rainbow - A San E - Delicious San Se7en - Better Together Se7en - Digital Bounce Secret - Madonna Seo In Young - Into The Rhythm SHINee - Hello SHINee - Lucifer SISTAR - How Dare You Son Dambi - db Rider Son Dambi - Queen Super Junior - No Other Supernova - On Days That I Miss You Supreme Team - Then Then Then Taeyang - I Need A Girl Taeyang - I'll Be There T-ara - YaYaYa Teen Top - Clap Touch - Me U-KISS - Shut Up!! Untouchable - Make A Fuss VNT - Sound (YeYeYe) Wheesung - I've Thought ...

K-pop boys dressed as girls part 1
*I do not own the videos,they all belong to their owners Ok,many of you asked me the names of the shows and as I don't think I can answer to each part of you I will just put the names of the show+the links here: Well,In the begining,when Dongho is dressed as a girl it's the new drama called''Real School'' in first episode part 2,the link is here www.youtube.com Next when JinWoon,Song SeungHyun,Dongho,Mir,Yunhwa,Mir and GO were dressed is ''Maknae Rebellion'' When Mir is dressed as a girl the link is '' www.youtube.com and and when JinWoon and Dongho are dressed the links are '' www.youtube.com '' and '' www.youtube.com '' When Yoseob is dressed as a girl it was in B2st Documentary on Mtv called, ''B2st Almighty'' www.youtube.com The show with Shinee is called''Rock Me'' www.youtube.com When SS501 are dressed as girls the link of the live perfomance is here www.youtube.com When Super Junior&Shinee are singing Gee the link of the live performance is here www.youtube.com When Teen Top perfomes as girls the link is www.youtube.com That with Super Junior is www.youtube.com When Ft Island are dressed it was a parody of Korean drama ''Boys Over Flowers'' and the link is www.youtube.com And when Lee HongKi and Park Ji Ho are dressed as girls the show is called ''Star King'' and the link is here (is only Lee Hongkicut) www.youtube.com I hope it was helpful^ ^ ☇Facebook: www.facebook.com ☇Twitter: twitter.com ☇Tumblr: k05dee.tumblr.com

FTISLAND - 좋겠어 (I wish) (HD Full Ver.)
FT아일랜드 네 번째 정규 'FIVE TREASURE BOX' 음반 소개 FT아일랜드 네 번째 정규앨범 '파이브 트레저 박스(FIVE TREASURE BOX)'는 타이틀곡 '좋겠어(I wish)를 비롯, '너의 말', '스테이 위드 미(Stay with me)' '유(U)', '보내주자' 등 신곡 5곡과 '페이퍼 플래인(Paper Plane)', '세상 끝나지 않은 노래(WANNA GO)', '라이프(Life)', '그 길(Compass)', '렛 잇 고(Let it go!)' 등 일본 정규 앨범 '트웬티(TWENTY)'에 수록된 5곡을 한국어로 번안, 총 10곡을 담고 있다. 다섯 개의 보물 상자라는 앨범 명처럼 FT아일랜드 다섯 멤버 한 명 한 명의 개성을 고스란히 담고 있는 앨범으로 특히 이번에 수록된 신곡 중 이홍기가 '스테이 위드 미' 작사에 참여한 것을 비롯, 리더 최종훈이 'U' 작곡에 참여했다. 일본 정규 앨범 '트웬티'에도 수록되었던 5곡은 최종훈, 이홍기, 이재진, 최민환, 송승현 다섯 멤버들이 전원 작사와 작곡에 참여했다. FT아일랜드 네 번째 정규 'FIVE TREASURE BOX' 음반 소개 1. 좋겠어 (I wish) (Title) (작사:한성호/작곡:김도훈,이상호/편곡:이상호) '좋겠어(I wish)'는 이번 FT아일랜드 네 번째 정규앨범 '파이브 트레저 박스(FIVE TREASURE BOX)'의 타이틀 곡으로, 화려한 어쿠스틱 기타의 편곡과 서부 느낌의 트럼펫 연주가 돋보이는 밴드편성의 팝 곡이다. FT아일랜드 특유의 대중적이고 팝 적인 음악색깔을 보여주는 것이 특징이며, 웬만한 여자는 쳐다보지도 않던 남자가 한 여자에게 푹 빠져 마음을 애태우는 심정을 표현한 곡이다. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ CJ E&M Music은 아시아 No.1 엔터테인먼트 기업인 CJ E&M의 음악사업 브랜드로 음원/음반의 투자•제작•유통부터 콘서트•페스티벌 ...

[MV] Don't Love/사랑하지마요 - FT Island [English Sub. & Romanization]
Song: Don't Love/Sarangeun Hajimayo/사랑하지마요 Artist: FT Island ABOUT FT ISLAND: FT Island stands for "Five Treasure Island". They can also be called FTI for short. It means that all 5 member of FTI are treasures. They are a 5 member band and their music genres are rock and ballad. The band's official color is yellow and the official names of their fans are "Primadonnas". Choi Jong Hun (or Jonghoon) is the leader of the band, sub vocalist, plays the the guitar, and keyboard. Lee Hongki (or Hong Gi) is the main/lead vocalist. Lee Jae Jin is the sub vocalist, rapper, and plays the bass. Choi Minhwan is the sub vocalist and plays the drums. Song Seunghyun (who replaces Oh Wonbin, former member) is the sub vocalist, rapper, and plays the guitar. Oh Wonbin, former member of FT Island, quit the band due to music differences. He is pursuing a solo career and training again as a trainee in the same company. He left the group on January 28, 2009. :) Did you watch the video yet? Did you enjoy the song? Leave a comment and rate. BUT!!! But, but, but! If you're another loser/hater, you're going to be blocked and your comments will be deleted. Only RESPECT is allowed around here. ***Also, credits to the people who subbed this video! Thanks again!

AN Jell (You're Beautiful) Promise:
The management company of the idol group ANJELL insisted on adding a new singer to the group as the lead vocal, Tae Kyung's voice was hurting. However,the new member, Mi Nam, had to go to the States to repair a botched eye job just before signing the contract. His agent came up with the idea of having his twin sister, Mi Nyu,to stand in for him and pretend that she was her brother. The two of them grew up in an orphanage and Mi Nyu, who was all set to become a nun, agreed to this charade as she didn't want to spoil her brother's chance of fame which would make it easier to look for their mother. ANJELL, the idol band from the drama, Youre Beautiful (미남이시네요), seems to be gaining popularity as a real idol group. Netizens are snapping up the Youre Beautiful OST. ANJELLs songs include Without Saying (말도 없이), originally performed by 9th Street, and Promise (악속), originally performed by Lee Hong-ki and Jung Yong-hwa. The second OST was released on November 13th, including the song Good bye sung by Jang Geun-seok. Not only that, Youre Beautiful even had a mini concert with real idol groups such as FT Island, 4minute, and Mighty Mouth (wheres CNBlue?) for the dramas filming.

Funny Pictures of 2AM, 2PM, B2ST, Big Bang, DBSK, FT Island, MBLAQ, SHINee, SS501 & Super Junior!
Check out my new funny video: www.youtube.com Video created: March 20, 2010 117169 views (Oct. 13,2010) 184359 views (Dec. 21, 2010) 202633 views (Jan. 6, 2011) 216529 views (Jan. 19, 2011) 220042 views (Jan. 22, 2011) 317525 views (April 8, 2011) 353328 views (May 7, 2011) 401558...

[中字MV] FT Island - Hello Hello (中文字幕)
此乃翻譯更新版。 「AnNyeong」(안녕)在韓語裡是見面時的「你好」,或是告別時的「再見」。這裡是雙關語的用法,意思是「AnNyeong」這個詞是指Hello Hello,現在卻代表Goodbye Goodbye,是感情變化的表現。 所以為求翻譯準確,字幕用上了拼音代表。歡迎留言後自由轉載,謝謝支持! 如果影片畫面有黑邊出現,請重新整理以最佳比例播放! 歌手:FT Island / FT 아일랜드/ 에프티아일랜드歌名:Hello Hello 專輯:Return (中字繁中幕字中文字幕chinese sub MV Full HD 720P)

FT Island - I Believe Myself MV (full version)
Music/Promotional video for the title track of FT Island's new Japanese single "I believe myself". If boys standing in a field doing nothing is your thing, you'll love this! Oh, and if you can, you should go watch at the Oricon website: http: / / tv .oricon .co .jp /ftisland /30 .html (without spaces of course). They count the hits on the video, so the more hits the higher the popularity ranking of the boys. We all want to help them out, right?

[HQ]FT Island - Missing you&Bad woman live
FT Island - Missing you&Bad woman @men's story live

Wagamama Dakedo Itoshikute 【Chapter 4 (part 2)-DRAMA CD+ MANGA】
---WARNING!!! PLEASE READ THE DESCRIPTION BEFORE VIEWING!!!---- THIS VIDEO CONTAINS BOYXBOY (GAY) LOVE AND MATURE CONTENT! YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED, SO IF YOU DON'T LIKE...THEN PLEASE PRESS THE BACK BUTTON AND CONTINUE ON WITH YOUR LIFE! PLEASE DO NOT FLAG AND BE CONSIDERATE TO ME WHO WORKED HARD ON EDITING IT...AND THE VIEWERS WHO ENJOY WATCHING IT. THANK YOU. ಠ____ಠ ***NOTICE- (THIS IS PART 2 OF CHAPTER 4- to be redirected to part one click on link below): www.youtube.com ----- [song, cast, + links found on bottom of description box] Hi derr everyone~ :D Risa stayed up all night working on finishing this, and she had to re-upload it due to some technical difficulties (people couldn't view the video on all their electronic devices...but thanks to Risa's snooping skills she found out why!) So here's the "breakdown" (basic understand of what happened)- if a song is "claimed" by a company, that company decides whether or not the video with the song in it can be viewed on the phone, and in this case...FT Island songs not allowed. TT____TT (risa lovees them~) So from now on DO NOT FEAR for I will continue to add musical things to intro and ending~ (it is a tradition xD) but risa will be more careful when choosing songs. With that said, I hope you understand the circumstance I was in, and enjoy the videoo!! Thank you so much for watching~ Subscribe for more updates! ^__^ ------ ★★ SONG USED: 「Silent Story」 【発熱巫女~ず】- www.youtube.com ★★ CAST: 下野 紘 (Himono Hiro) as ...

FT Island ft. G-Dragon
A video made of FT Island singing to G-Dragon's song This Love(english version)! I don't own any of these videos and song.

KPOP Scandal Part 1
Scandal just title.. please don't missunderstanding. FT Island, SHINee, 2AM, SNSD, Simon D, IU, Beast, 4minutes, CN Blue, Secret, and other KPOP

Lee Hong Ki - 여전히 - As Ever / Still - You're Beautiful OST
MV for "여전히" (As Ever) by Lee Hong Ki of FT Island. This is also the OST for the korean drama "미남이시네요" (You're Beautiful) starring: Park Shin Hye Jang Geun Suk Jung Yong Hwa (CNBLUE) Lee Hong Ki (FT Island) UEE (After School)

[HD]You're Beautiful / He's Beautiful OST/ MV - - As Ever/Still -- ANjeLL
You're Beautiful OST - Lee Hong Ki - Still (As Ever) + DOWNLOAD LINK 미남이시네요 OST - 이홍기 (여전히) This song is an OST (Original Sound Track) from the Korean drama "You're Beautiful" The singer is: Lee Hong Ki from the Korean band FT Island Song in Korean: 이홍기 - 여전히 You're Beautiful / He's Beautiful OST - - As Ever/Still -- ANjeLL add me in facebook- - brat90_xrey@yahoo.com free download mp3: www.4shared.com

Lee Hong Ki - Promise ost jeremy
Lee Hongki is a member of band namely "Ft island" (five treasure island) hongki is a main vocalist, many people thought he is th leader, but hes not. :) hope u enjoy the movie clip

[ENG] Maknae Rebellion EP12 (100123) [1/7]
Idol Maknae Rebellion with: SHINee (except Minho), Mir (MBLAQ), Seung Hyun (FT Island), Shorry J (Mighty Mouth), Yoo Se Yoon. Requested by puddingsawgl I don't own this video don't own anything just uploading for the fans. Video owned by the TV station,no Copyright Infringement Intended. Subs were by kompilations1. Enjoy^^

ขอเพียงโอกาส - สุนทรี (cover FT. Island)
นำMV.ของ FT Island มาตัดต่อเป็นMV.เพลงขอเพียงโอกาสคะ ตัดต่อครั้งแรก ติชมกันด้วยนะค่ะ

FT Island - 痛愛[MV]
FT Island - 痛愛[MV]

[日本語ver] 約束Promise~You're Beautiful
歌詞修正「今まで」→「今までは」 画像調整し再アップしました。転載禁止。 FT island CNBLUE Promise You're Beautiful Vocal:Lee Hong Ki Lap:Jung Yong Hwa