謝安琪- 大愛感動MV ("同伊" 香港版主題曲)
Download: dramatomy.com Subscribe: www.youtube.com Dramatomy 視迷特製MV 肅宗(池珍熙飾)與同伊(韓孝珠飾)從2010年韓國電視劇"同伊"。 Fan-made MV of King Sukjong (Ji Jin Hee 지진희) & Dong Yi (Han Hyo Joo 한효주) from the 2010 Korean drama "Dong Yi - Jewel in the Crown" 동이. HongKong i-CABLEbroadcasts Dong Yi starting October . The song you're hearing is "Touched by Love" sung by Kay Tse, it's the title song for the drama ent.i-cable.com ♫♪♫ 謝安琪- 大愛感動MV ("同伊" 香港版主題曲) - Touched by Love; Dong Yi (HK version) Title Song ♥ Follow us on Twitter! twitter.com ♥ Friend us on Facebook! www.facebook.com

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Han Hyo-joo(한효주) Chung-rim(청림) in Jean Ad [ShowBiz Extra]
한효주 청림 청바지 화보 After "Brilliant Legacy," everything that Han Hyo-joo wears or puts on, sells like wildfire! That made her perfect for this jeans label, which she shot with rising star, Chung-rim. We met the two at the location for the shoot! arirangtv

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ハン・ヒョジュ& No Reply Don't You Know

韓孝珠SUM 37廣告-A.wmv

서도영 Seo Do-young ソ・ドヨンのkiss!kiss!kiss!
映画「ニューシネマパラダイス」のラストシーンみたいに、ソ・ドヨン氏のキスシーンを集めてみました。 優しくて素敵なキスシーンばかりです。 「キスの神様」ソ・ドヨンの世界を楽しんでください。 曲は「春のワルツOST」から「Clementain」です。