Mario: Game Over
Buy our adult coloring book, "Coloring for Grown-Ups" for a mere $10! www.amazon.com coloringforgrownups.com "Mario: Game Over" was nominated for Best Comedy Video of 2007 in the Youtube Awards. youtube.com (From POYKPAC-- if you like it, subscribe. You'll be the first to know when we post new videos) CREDITS for Mario: Game Over Writer/Director - Ryan Hunter Camera - Jonny Gillette Sound Editor - Taige Jensen Editor/Special FX - Ryan Hunter Costume - Jenn Lyon Props - Taige Jensen & Ryan Hunter Music - Luke Roberts CAST for Mario: Game Over Mario - David Powell Peach - Jenn Lyon Luigi - Taige Jensen Cop - Ryan Hunter Fraidycat - Jonny Gillette Check out more music by Luke Roberts www.myspace.com Thanks for watching Mario: Game Over!

DJ Fresh ft. Rita Ora - Hot Right Now (Official Video)
Download 'Gold Dust' (Shy FX Re-Edit) EP (Out Now): bit.ly Download the new album 'Nextlevelism' on iTunes (Out Now): bit.ly thedjfresh.com www.facebook.com www.twitter.com soundcloud.com www.youtube.com google.com Following his #1 smash hit 'Louder' - one of 2011's biggest-selling singles - DJ Fresh is back with his new single 'Hot Right Now', featuring the vocal talents of Rita Ora. This is the official video, shot in Los Angeles and directed by Rohan Blair-Mangat The 20-year-old singer-songwriter is being hailed as the jewel in the Roc Nation crown and was signed by Jay Z after one phone call. Rita's vocals give 'Hot Right Now' a distinctive twist and the track bristles with the kind of energy and signature beats that Fresh has become known for. Now a household name and armed with the accolade of having the first dubstep/drum & bass track to top the national singles chart with 'Louder', DJ Fresh has recently raised the bar once again via a sold-out UK live tour featuring a full band (including a headline performance at Alexandra Palace in front of 6000 people), his Future Jungle EP, remixes for Katy B, Hervé and Jessie J and winning 'Best Dance Act' at this year's Urban Music Awards - and his new album is already one of the most anticipated albums of 2012. Click here to check out DJ Fresh ft. Rita Ora - Hot Right Now + Remixes www.youtube.com Click here to subscribe!! www.youtube.com 'Hot Right Now' is out now on Ministry of Sound Recordings. Ministry of Sound is the ...

WATCH BLOOPERS & MORE: bit.ly DOWNLOAD THE SONG: smo.sh DOWNLOAD UNCENSORED SONG: smo.sh GET THE SHIRT: smo.sh GET THE HISTORIA: amzn.to ------------------------------------ Hey it's our very own website: smosh.com Oh and our Facebook page facebook.com Want to know when we're filming and/or pooping? Now you can: twitter.com ==LYRICS== Yeah my name is Link, man, I'm more well known than Lil Wayne Oh you thought my name was Zelda? THAT'S AF**KING GIRL'S NAME! I've saved the world like fifteen times and and saved the princess from demise And I do it all alone, with no help and no advice "Hey, Look, Listen" Hey, look, listen, you f**king annoying fairy I'd rather be forced to listen to constant Katy Perry I think it's time I got some recognition, don't you think? Legend of Zelda? SCREW THAT! Legend of LINK. ---------- 'Cause he's the L to the I to the N to the K Wears tights every day, don't give a damn what you say Got bigger balls than even Evel Knievel And he ain't gonna stop 'til the world is free of evil ---------- I'll break all your pots and I best not hear your bitchin' I've got the Triforce of courage, BITCH! So you better listen (that's right) I'm called bushwhacker and my bank account's maxed out Got 999 rupees and my leather wallet's packed now Can't back down, can't slack now, the world needs me to attack now Yet I'm forced to pay out the ass for these bombs in Castle Town Just give me some heart containers and let me spit on my ocarina So I can kick that dumbass ...

Film Riot - Learn FX Secrets From Exorcist and "From Hell"
Want to learn how to cut someone's throat like in "From Hell"? Wish you could projectile vomit like in the Exorcist? Learn the makeup and prop secrets of special effects film makers in this episode! Learn how to simulate projectile vomiting and throat slashing in this film riot tutorial.

The Horribly Slow Murderer with the Extremely Inefficient Weapon by Richard Gale
Like the vid? Click Add to: Favorites! Thank you for over 21 MILLION views!!! The epic story of one man's encounter with the most relentless murderer of all time. New Mini-Series!: www.youtube.com Check out SPOON WARS! ----o www.youtube.com GINOSAJIFEST AWARDS! ----o www.youtube.com Tweet! bit.ly Facebook! www.facebook.com Watch the newest Videos! SPOON WARS www.youtube.com Ask Jack 1: SPAGHETTI DINNER OF THE DAMNED www.youtube.com SPOON vs. SPOON www.youtube.com SAVE JACK - THE INTERACTIVE EXPERIENCE www.youtube.com EPIC SPOONKILLER CONTEST! www.youtube.com SPOONKILLER CONTEST WINNERS! www.youtube.com Join us on Facebook! www.facebook.com T-Shirts richardgalefilms.spreadshirt.com Coming Soon to DVD: The relentlessly entertaining Horribly Slow Murderer Collector's Edition!!! Named Best Short Film of 2009 by Rue Morgue Magazine! Winner of 15 Film Festival Awards! Featured on G4TV's Attack Of The Show! YouTube Honors: #1 - Top Rated (This Month) - Film & Animation #1 - Top Favorited (This Month) - Film & Animation #4 - Most Viewed (This Month) - Film & Animation #8 - Most Discussed (This Month) - Film & Animation #5 - Top Favorited (ALL TIME!) - Film & Animation #11 Top Rated (ALL TIME!) - Film & Animation Produced, Written and Directed by Richard Gale Cast: Jack Cucchiaio........Paul Clemens The Murderer...........Brian Rohan The Mystic................Fay Kato The Girlfriend...........Melissa Paladino The Doctor...............Mike Kacey Narrator....................Richard ...

DJ Fresh - 'Gold Dust' (Official Video)
Download 'Gold Dust' (Shy FX Re-Edit) EP (Out Now): bit.ly Download the new album 'Nextlevelism' on iTunes (Out Now): bit.ly thedjfresh.com www.facebook.com www.twitter.com soundcloud.com www.youtube.com www.djfreshtv.tumblr.com http Buy now from iTunes: bit.ly This is the massive video for 'Gold Dust' by DJ Fresh, directed by Ben Newman. 'Gold Dust' is out now on Ministry of Sound Recordings and is taken from DJ Fresh's third studio album, 'NEXTLEVELISM', due for release on 01.10.12. www.ministryofsound.com http www.twitter.com ministryofsound.tumblr.com http

King Of Nothing - Bob Pressner
Download Song on iTunes: mi.gg Official Music Video - King Of Nothing, featuring Nikki Leigh. Song Produced by Jim McGorman and Robb Vallier Bob Pressner's Social Media Sites: Facebook: on.fb.me Twitter: bit.ly iTunes: bit.ly Official Website: www.bobpressner.com Music Video Produced by Produced by Kurt J. Zendzian Directed by Max Moraga / AD: Kurt J. Zendzian Director of Photography: Michael Bolten Editing / Special FX: Sean Horvath DIT: Spencer Huff Grips: Eric Heath, Chad Carlstone, Phil Ngo Set Design: Eric Tabor "Butters" Snake Provided by: Nick Bishop Make Up: Megan Vigil / Bek Phillips Special Thanks to TJR Films

Fruit Ninja in Real Life to Dubstep!
I wrote the song with my friend Brenden. We write lots of music as Scott & Brendo. Download "The Chosen" iTunes: bit.ly | Amazon: amzn.to Stream "The Chosen" brendenscott.bandcamp.com Check us out on Facebook: facebook.com Special thanks to Halfbrick Studios (creators of Fruit Ninja) for their support of the video. They were a blast to work with and were completely open to our crazy ideas. You can get the Fruit Ninja app for your mobile device here: itunes.apple.com Get Fruit Ninja for Kinect: bit.ly The incredible costumes were made by Allison Dredge! She's amazing! www.facebook.com Fruit Ninja played by Christian Busath. You should work with him! Business: cebact79@gmail.com // Twitter: @ChristianBusath Sensei played by Keith Hottinger Created by Scott Winn & Jay Davis Directed and Edited by Scott Winn Cinematography by Scott Winn & Derek Pueblo Special thanks to Mark Weiler for providing the camera equipment. Check out his youtube channel: www.youtube.com Color Correction by Ben Brooksby. Work with him if you need a colorist! www.benbrooksby.com Visual FX (lens flares and additional fruit juice) by my friend Nick Dixon This video was shot at varying frame rates between 24 - 2000 fps. No twixtor or special effects were used. Cameras Fastcam, Red Epic, Canon 5D Mk II Let's be true friends! Follow me for behind the scenes and updates! Facebook: facebook.com Twitter: twitter.com Instagram: @scottdavidwinn Business Contact: contactscottdw@gmail.com

Yelsid - Lastima De Tanto Amor (Video Oficial @Yelsid + Subtitulos)
Contrataciones: Andres Ateho (57) 321 799 81 04 contacto@yelsid.com - booking@yelsid.com Lastima de tanto amor Yelsid Video Oficial Yelsid Lastima De Tanto Amor - www.Yelsid.com Descarga: goo.gl Este vídeo contiene Closed Caption (Subtitulos) el cual puede ser activado en la parte inferior derecha del reproductor, esta representado por CC, solo deben darle click para activarla y así disfrutar de la letra de esta canción Sigan a Yelsid en Twitter: @Yelsid Facebook: facebook.com Vídeo oficial de la canción "Lástima De Tanto Amor" Dirigido por: Lina Valencia, Juan Fernando Restrepo Productora: Frame Creative Dirección de Fotografía: Edwin "El Monstro" Dirección de Arte: Lucas Spot FX Asistente de arte: Carlos Mario Ramirez Modelos: Catalina Castaño, Diana Torres Violinista: Sergio Kañas Pianista: Sebastian Velasquez Maquillaje: La pulga Durango Gaffer: Jonnathan Silva Electrico: Alex Agradecimientos: Armando Garcia, Discos Fuentes, Daniel Mesa, Juan Carlos ( Parrilla Bar el Tablón) Suscribanse y dejen sus comentarios

Dub FX 10/10/2008 'Love Someone'
CONVOY (The Amsterdam Film) DVD package AVAILABLE NOW including this and all the other Dub FX (BD Sessions) youtube uploads. www.convoyunltd.com

ANGRY BIRDS dance GANGNAM STYLE ♫ 3D animated mashup parody ☺ FunVideoTV - Style ;-))
GANGNAM STYLE with ANGRY BIRDS ... some fun that would be. Watch this little parody to find out ! SONG BY: ROOPE LINDSTROM (www.youtube.com Song: www.youtube.com Thank you, dashipls, for the permission to use it ! FOLLOW ANGRY BIRDS 3D ON FACEBOOK ☺ : www.facebook.com The Video also features sounds of " freeSFX" www.freesfx.co.uk commercial use permitted http and of of Andrew Kramer's VideoCopilot - Designer Sound FX. (sounds and intro music loops) Once bought the sounds are royalty free. www.videocopilot.net

Dub FX 18/04/2009 'Flow' feat. Woodnote
CONVOY (The Amsterdam Film) DVD package AVAILABLE NOW including this and all the other Dub FX (BD Sessions) youtube uploads. www.convoyunltd.com

ANGRY BIRDS ♫ PLANTS VS. ZOMBIES ANIMATION ☺ 3D animated spoof FunVideoTV -Style ;-))
FOLLOW ANGRY BIRDS 3D ON FACEBOOK ☺ : www.facebook.com See a 3D Animation of the ANGRY BIRDS and PLANTS fighting of some PIGGY ZOMBIES. This Video features the song "Oryk Taiko Rhap" by rocavaco ccmixter.org It is licensed under a Creative Commons license: creativecommons.org This Video features soundeffects of Andrew Kramer's VideoCopilot - Designer Sound FX. Once bought the sounds are royalty free and may be published, broadcasted and distributed across all media types, except where noted by illegal use or selling in a collection.

♬ 에프엑스 Hot Summer ℗ SMEntertainment ♪ Download on iTunes : itunes.apple.com ♬ FACEBOOK SMTOWN : www.facebook.com ▷ Title Song : Hot Summer ▷ Album : 'Hot Summer' f(x) 1st Album Repackage ▷ Artist : 에프엑스

WATCH BLOOPERS & MORE: bit.ly DOWNLOAD THE SONG: smo.sh DOWNLOAD UNCENSORED SONG: smo.sh GET THE SHIRT: smo.sh ------------------------------------ Hey it's our very own website: smosh.com Oh and our Facebook page facebook.com Want to know when we're filming and/or pooping? Now you can: twitter.com ------------------------------------ ==LYRICS== The greatest thing ever just happened to me (You see!) Take that, Mom, you can't tell me how to be I'm livin' on my own and I've got no rules Yeah, I rule my own house and I'll tell you what I'll do (ha!) First, I'll grab some milk; drink straight from the jug Then grab a sandwich, eat it butt-naked on the rug All these whack fruit snacks with only five in a pack... "Only eat one, young man" F**K THAT! I'll snack 'til I yack ! ---------- No more parents! No more rules! Yeah, nice try, Mom, but I ain't no fool No more bath time! No more hugs! And if I feel like it, I will crap on the rug. No more mommy! No more dad! Livin' on my own; most fun I've ever had I'm eatin' cookies for breakfast 'cause I don't give af**k Shoot your squirties in the air and scream PARENTS SUCK! ---------- My parents ain't around to tell me what I can't say, so I yell "f**k" "s**t" and "darn" every day. My parents ain't around to tell me what to do, so I leave the door open while I take a big poo My parents ain't around to make me mow the lawn, instead I'll watch dirty vids with the volume on My parents ain't around to say I can't watch certain flicks. They ...

에프엑스 f(x)_NU ABO(NU 예삐오)_MusicVideo
♬ f(x) NU ABO ℗ SMEntertainment ♪ Download on iTunes = itunes.apple.com ☞ For more Information : shinee.smtown.com ※ EXTRAS ■ f(x) NU ABO Live Wallpaper & Widget app (Android market) market.android.com

Pendulum - The Island
Parts 1 and 2 mixed into one track, and Im usin this as a test video for some new FX. Download the Image as a wallpaper Here : www.mediafire.com And the Black version of the image Here : www.mediafire.com *All credit goes towards Pendulum for the Audio"

Terminator Make-Up and Arm Tutorials : Your FX
Indy Mogul has created a special Terminator-themed Your FX this month in honor of the New Terminator Salvation film. Our first tutorial shows you how to make the inside of your arm look like it has a robotic skeleton, the second tutorial shows you how to recreate the Terminator make-up and faceplate. And of course, there's another great user-submitted clip montage with guns, explosions, and other great effects. Thanks to everyone who has been submitting to the show! www.IndyMogul.com

Star Wars Movie : Lightsaber Clone, The Force Unleashed : BFX
You requested it and here it is! The lightsaber Test Film from Backyard FX. NOW WITH EXTENDED INTRO!!! A young wannabe Jedi stumbles across blueprints to make a real lightsaber only to find out that they don't work quite as expected. To learn all the special effects tricks we used make this short film possible check out the complete episode at: www.indymogul.com "

Joan Jett - I Hate Myself For Loving You [ Original HQ ]
Edited the original video with some mild color fx and sound enhancement... Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use.

T-rex dinosaur FX test 2
An effects test i did for a film called "Continuum" which is also on youtube. Check out my website. www.derkoi.co.uk

Oliver Koletzki feat. Fran - Hypnotized
Artist: Oliver Koletzki feat Fran Track: hypnotized (special video-version) Label: Stil vor Talent Distribution: Wordandsound/Roughtrade/Zebralution releasedate mp3 + vinyl: 03.08.2009 GET IT HERE: Amazon Deutschland: www.amazon.de iTunes Deutschland: phobos.apple.com video: directed by Kai Kurve - myspace.com/kaikurve camera: andrej dallmann - andrejdallmann.com fx: marcus loeper & kai kurve - pigfactory.de makeup & hair: resi & pinar - myspace.com/catonthewalk production: das werk - das-werk.de this song is a part of the upcoming Album: Oliver Koletzki "Großstadtmärchen" releasedate CD,Vinyl and mp3: 07.09.2009 dies ist das 1. von 3 music-videos von Oliver Koletzkis Album -Großstadtmärchen- !!! www.myspace.com/koletzki www.myspace.com/stilvortalent www.myspace.com/stilvortalentshirts

How to apply latex Halloween FX
Clip showing how to apply those latex skin FX.

Atchim & Espirro - A volta
O primeiro clipe da história da dupla, com participação de Fernandinho Beat Box. Veja a versão completa e faça o download da música em www.facebook.com Ficha Técnica Direção: Johnny Araújo Dir. Fotografia: Arnaldo Mesquita Produtora: Margarida Filmes Arranjos e Produção Musical: Tejo Damasceno (Instituto) Letra: Rincón Sapiência Músicos: Atchim & Espirro, Fernandinho Beat Box, Rincón Sapiência Pós-produção / Finalização: Ilegal FX Criação: Agência Africa

에프엑스 f(x)_Chu~♡(츄~♡)_MusicVideo