Rain - Love song (official M/V)
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Bi(rain)-It's Raining
Bi's It's Raing video. SO HOT!~

Handsome...Ich liebe dich!!!

28/5/2010 Rain Bi _ Hip Song
28/5/2010 Rain Bi _ Hip Song

Bi/Rain's Dance to MBLAQ's 'Oh Yeah'
Bi/Rain Dance Cover to MBLAQ's 'Oh Yeah'

Bi/Rain- I Do (Eng Subb)
Bi/Rain- I Do (Eng Subb)

Rain vs. Super Junior Shindong

Bi The Ijuksa Kiss
I love Rain

[K-Chart] 2. Love Song - Rain (2010.5.7 Music Bank Live aired)
* 1st Week of May 2010 K-chart (2010.5.7 Music Bank Live aired) 1. Without U - 2PM 2. Love Song - Rain 3. Chitty Chitty Bang Bang - Lee Hyo-ri 4. It has to be You - Ye Seung 5. Like a Man - Bobby Kim 6. Run Devil Run - Girls Generation 7. Like a Fool - 2AM 8. Magic - Secret 9. What an Awful World - Seo Young-eun 10. Scattered - Monday Kids 11. Bang! - After School 12. Lupin - Kara 13. I Did Wrong - 2AM 14. Confession - Hot Potato 15. Going Home - Kim Yoon-a 16. There is No Love - Gummy 17. 10 Reasons to Love You - Lee Seok-hoon 18. My Heart is Touched - Seeya 19. Painful Days in Love - Lim Jae-beom 20. It doesn't make Sense -Youn ha

2008 Rain bi Love Story M/V version 비5집 러브스토리
TRANSLATION: Hey This is my story It's true Ok listen.. Oh baby...words that wanted to say to you The words that made me sad in my heart Even though we fell in love very much But cannot overcome that reason Like a fool cannot send any words Give me one more chance I don't know Did your heart changed? Is not too late right? Prayed but you turned away coldly This song is a true love story My story that I risked everything on But it's the end, everything is over now This is my past love I love you, I still love you. Oh....is possible to forget loved you The love that's in my memory You left me and all the promises you made with me is nothing You smiled while telling my story My heartache like I'm dying, oh no..... If only one time, only to be with you My heart may not rest Wish you is my everything This song is a true love story My story that I risked everything on But it's the end, everything is over now This is my past love I love you, I still love you. The real sound from my heart If I give all my guarantees Will forever waiting for you to come back to me I love you, I still love you. I also forget fist My heart is breaking Therefore very painful but should break The hate and all the innermost feeling of you But still recalling The man that can give you hug appeared right? Now everything can be settle without you Now listen to this song This song is to your love story Give it all my sentiment Not regretting I forget you now This is my past love I love you, I still love ...

Se7en Rain and Hyori Dance to Nan Arayo
Se7en Rain and Hyori Lee dance to Seo Taiji's song.

[Rain (Bi) MV] Hip Song (2010 Rain Special Album)_The Karate Kid (2010) Official Korean OST
Credit: dc // scorpiolabibi @ youtube [Rain (Bi) MV] Hip Song (2010 Rain Special Album 'Back To The Basic')_The Karate Kid (2010) Official Korean OST BGM: Hip Song (2010 Rain Special Album 'Back To The Basic') The Karate Kid (2010) Starring: JACKIE CHAN, JADEN SMITH, TARAJI P. HENSON Director: HARALD ZWART

Bi Rain It's Raining
bi rain it's raining performance =D

I'm Coming by Rain MV
I'm Coming by the famous Korean artist Bi Rain !

[Rain (Bi) TV] 11-04-2010 Rain Bi Love Song
[Rain (Bi) TV] 11-04-2010 Rain Bi Love Song

Bi Rain - With You
Bi Rain - With You From the Korean Drama called "I'm A Cyborg, But It's Ok"

原爆ドームの前で韓国人が冒涜行為 Korean Pop Singer Rain insulted Atomic Bomb victims
★ ★↓ Please read. 読んで。↓ ※不快に思ったら(Feel Bad) → 【高評価】 "Like" ※不快に思った人は → 【高評価】お願いします。 YouTubeの仕組み上、評価が高いほど多くの方に見てもらえるそうです。 ※著作権申し立てによるYouTube側の制限の為、現在この動画は携帯端末での 視聴が出来なくなっています。 スマホ視聴対応の同じ動画(音声は変更)を「他の動画」に別途アップしてます ので、スマホで見れない方はそちらをご覧下さい。 www.youtube.com ■残念ながら、最近のテレビではこのような映像を知る事は出来ないみたいです。 日本人としてこれは見ておくべきだと思うので、周りの人に教えて下さい。 普段PCやネットをしないお年寄り、主婦の方にも積極的に伝えて下さい。 Twitter・SNS・ブログをやっている方、動画の【拡散】に是非ご協力お願いします。 ■ なぜ「嫌韓」なのか? : Wikipedia goo.gl Hi, I'm Japanese. There is Atomic Bomb Dome in Hiroshima in this video. This korean guy is dancing on the battlefield after Atomic Bomb dropping. This is unbelievable and disgusting for many of Japanese. If you feel unpleasant, please push "Like" button. Because we want a lot of people watch this video. Thank you. ■ Atomic Bomb Dome 【原爆ドームの画像】 : Google Image goo.gl ■ Hiroshima Peace Memorial : Wikipedia goo.gl ■ Atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki : Wikipedia goo.gl 歌手名 (Artist) :Rain (ピ), Bi Rain 曲名 (Song) :I'm Coming 国籍 (Origin) :韓国, South Korea 最近知人にこの映像の事を聞き見てみました。 滅茶苦茶気分が悪くなりました。 背景に写ってるのは「原爆ドーム」以外の何物でもありません。 私は親戚に被爆者がい ...

Bi Rain 2004 3rd Korea Film Awards(It's Raining + I Do)(2004.12.05)

2008 Rain Love Story MV Teaser 1 비 정지훈 티저 영상
TRANSLATION Rain: (talking to the girl) So what are you doing in the evening? You know what I mean, right? (HJW drags him by his ears) Rain: OW OW OW! THAT HURTS! OW! hey that hurts! aish.. HJW: Who are they.. Rain: Girls! can't you see? they're girls... HJW: You think I don't know that they're girls...? but why are you all over them?! Rain: No, my work ended and I met them. I met them....but what's it to you? HJW: It matters to me. As long as you're living in my house, you need my permission first. (HJW walks away) Rain: hey...HEY! credit: akrain@rain america RAIN

2008 Rain bi Rainism M/V Full version 비 정지훈
TRANSLATION: Im gonna be a bad boy Im gonna be a bad boy Im gonna be a bad boy Im gonna be a bad boy Im gonna be a bad boy Im gonna be a bad boy Feel your sight How do you feel make some noise Even if you avoid it still can feel my rainism I make it rainism the rainism Now...

[Audio] Rain Bi hip song Audio song _ Full Version
[Audio] Rain Bi hip song Audio song _ Full Version

[ピ/비] カシオペア ピ(Rain)(비) Cassiopeia(카시오페아)
すごくお気に入りの曲です。 色々な場面を想像し作って見ました。

대한민국영화대상-이효리&비 hyori-rain!!
대한민국영화대상-이효리&비 hyori-rain!!

2008 Mnet KM Music Awards - Rain performance
Amazing special performance by Rain for the 2008 Mnet KM Music Festival ■Wanna know more about your favorite K-pop artist? Visit global.mnet.com

[ HD ] RAIN Bi - My Girl + Rainism
My Girl.......Rainism(2:00~)......*^^ ( PUSH )