[HD] JYJ Get out official MV FULL
2011.09.20 JYJ [Get out ] official MV FULL

Jesse & Joy - Esto es lo que soy (Sesiones)
© 2010 WMG Jesse & Joy - Esto es lo que soy (Sesiones) Dirigido por Alex Abara (Fabrica de Exitos) www.jyj.com.mx www.jesseyjoy.com www.warnermusic.com.mx

JYJ - Ayy Girl (Feat. Kanye West and Malik Yusef) [Official Music Video]
JYJ - Ayy Girl featuring Kanye West and Malik Yusef In your high honour All over my skin thats art splattered And everything happened this part mattered I tattoed your name on my tongue Then my heart shattered but for effort I get an "AYY GIRL!" So tonight be the VIP guests of JYJ Malik Yusef and Kanye West Living life like there's no damn rules Tonight I'm finna hop up in that hotel pool Grab your hand white dress your gone hop in too Get everything that being at the top includes What's your friend's attitude, why she so damn rude? huh? Tell her smile for a change If a baller come around, she gone smile for the change I know they type, I know the life I know your living your life for the night, another night Ask the city what they got for us That mean it wasn't any poppin' if it not for us Then isn't isn't this all that I said it'd be I want the best for you, but want better for me, ugh I paid the price of fame, icy chain Stack my money tall, hide in vain Let's do it, flashing light Have the time of your life Living it up for tonight Yeah she living it up for tonight Ayy girl, I tried to make you my baby Ayy girl, instead you make me go crazy Just run through me What have you done to me Ayy girl, I tried to make you my baby Ayy girl, instead you make me go crazy I'm losing my cool Playing me for a fool Ayyyyyy, ayy, ayy girl I know your type, I know the life I know you living your life for the night Another night I know your type, I know the life I know you living your ...

JYJ - "Empty" LIVE
www.billboard.com JYJ performs their hit "Empty" at the Billboard.com studios.

Why Did I Fall In Love With You (HD)[Tohoshinki][DBSK] Breathtaking Performance
If you don't know, DBSK is a member of 2 (Yunho and Changmin) as of this present. And JYJ (Jaejooong, Yuchun, and Junsu) is in their group as well. Still many pray that they come back together soon as 5 member of TVXQ! Thinking of this, nothing is much worst for them than not being 1 team and performing for all the fans throughout the world. Just my personal thoughts. Man they were the first male kpop group i knew too! Tohoshinki/Dong Bang Shin Ki FAVORITE SONG EVER. NO COPYRIGHT INTENDED.(I Don't Have Any Credits For This Vid, Just Uploaded For The DBSK/TVXQ/THSK Fans) CLICK THIS LINK: www.youtube.com TO SEE THE HARDWORKING TOHOSHINKI PERFORMANCE OF "PROUD" IF YOU HAVE NOT ALREADY SEEN IT.

JYJ - "Ayyy Girl" LIVE
www.billboard.com JYJ performs their hit single "Ayyy Girl" at the Billboard.com studios, and gives insight on working with Kanye West and bringing their group to the US

credits all belong to JYJ and CJES :) enjoy !~ Always Keep The Faith :) Piano Version: www.youtube.com Watch the MV on their official youtube channel :) www.youtube.com

JYJ - Itsudatte Kimi Ni (いつだって君に) + Long Way
[LIVE] JYJ - Itsudatte Kimi Ni + Long Way [czech sub.] FB: www.facebook.com Hope will like it & thx for watching! Please, visit us: mayuan.animetym.net

HOT K-POP 2010 ~ special mashup part 2 ~ (60 songs in one)
This is an end-year special mashup, which features 60 of Korea's hit songs in 2010 (second half). • Download this track at: www.masamixes.com Twitter • @masamixes Facebook artist page: • www.facebook.com • Tracklist: 2AM - Like Crazy 2PM - I'll Be Back 2NE1 - Clap Your Hands 2NE1 - Can't Nobody 4minute - I My Me Mine After School - Love Love Love BEAST - Beautiful BEAST - Soom BoA - Hurricane Venus Brave Brothers - I Want To Cry Co-Ed - Bbiribom Bberibom Co-Ed - Too Late Dalmatian - Round 1 DJ DOC - I'm A Guy Like This E.via - Pick Up Chu~ Fcuz - Midnight Sun FT Island - Love Love Love G.na - I'll Back Off So You Can Live Better G-Top - HIGH HIGH Ga-In - Irreversible Girls' Day - Nothing Lasts Forever Girls' Generation - Hoot GP Basic - GAME Infinite - Come Back To Me IU - Good Day Jay Park - Nothin' On You JYJ - Ayyy Girl Kara - Jumping Miss A - Breathe Miss A - Good Girl, Bad Girl Narsha - BBI-RI-BOP-A Nine Muses - No Playboy NS Yoonji - Just Dance Orange Caramel - Aing~ PSY - Right Now Rainbow - A San E - Delicious San Se7en - Better Together Se7en - Digital Bounce Secret - Madonna Seo In Young - Into The Rhythm SHINee - Hello SHINee - Lucifer SISTAR - How Dare You Son Dambi - db Rider Son Dambi - Queen Super Junior - No Other Supernova - On Days That I Miss You Supreme Team - Then Then Then Taeyang - I Need A Girl Taeyang - I'll Be There T-ara - YaYaYa Teen Top - Clap Touch - Me U-KISS - Shut Up!! Untouchable - Make A Fuss VNT - Sound (YeYeYe) Wheesung - I've Thought ...

김재중의 첫 솔로 미니 앨범 "MINE" 이미 JYJ의 정규 앨범과 자신이 출연한 드라마와 영화의 곡 작업등으로 싱어송 라이터로서 실력을 인정받은 김재중! 김재중이 생각한 락 장르를 앨범에 담기 위해 콜라보레이션 작업을 통해 락의 정통성을 이어나가면서, 글램하면서도 폭발적인 가창력을 지닌 김재중만이 할 수 있는 곡들을 탄생시켰다. 자신이 가수로, 배우로 활동하면서 느낀 모든 감정과 하고 싶었던 이야기들을 김재중이 직접 모든 곡의 가사에 담았다. *앨범 발매 : 2013.1.17 *공연 "Your, My and Mine" : 2013.1.26~27 일산 킨텍스

JYJ 찾았다 (Found You)-KBS Drama Awards-[HD]
JYJが演技大賞に出演した際に披露した「찾았다 (Found You)」です。ジェジュンが黒髪になっていて新鮮ですね♪

110904 JYJ | Empty | IAAF Track and Field World Championships Daegu 2011 closing ceremony
2011 대구 세계 육상 선수권 대회 폐막식 공연

JYJ YOUTUBE official grand opening

【成均館スキャンダルOST】찾았다-JYJ-(found you )カナルビ
動画の主旨は"歌えるようになろう"です!いろいろな過去動画を繋ぎ合わせてMV作成とカナルビを振ってみました^^ 韓国語独学の初心者なので間違いがあると思いますがご了承下さい; 지난 동영상 연결해 맞추어 MV 만들었습니다 ^ ^ 그리고 우리 일본인이 함께 부를 수 있도록 일본어 자막을 달았습니다 ^ ^ 번역이 아닌 읽기가 흔들어 있습니다. 좋으면 일본어 공부에도 사용하세요 ^ ^

[K-pops Hot Clip] Found You - JYJ
[K-pops Hot Clip] Found You - JYJ

ロッテCM 2011version【JYJ・BIGBANG・2PM・グンソク、他】

Wax (왁스) - 떨어진다 눈물이 (Tears Are Falling) [I Miss You OST]
★ Wax (왁스) - 떨어진다 눈물이 (Tears Fall / Tears Are Falling) [I Miss You OST] ★ Download www.fb.com ★ I Miss You OST Collection Kindly Subscribe to BubbleFeetMusic Channels! Follow BubbleFeetMusic on Facebook by Liking Our Page www.facebook.com Album : [Single] 보고싶다 OST Part 1 (I Miss You OST Part.1) Song Artist : Wax (왁스) Release Date : 2012.10.30 Genre: OST, Drama - I Miss You 01. 떨어진다 눈물이 02. 떨어진다 눈물이 (Inst.) ★ Album Review 가수(JYJ)로써의 박유천이 연기자로써의 성장했다는 평을 말할 수 있는 2012년 하반기 최고의 기대작 "보고싶다" 더 이상 말이 필요 없는 흥행 배우로써의 윤은혜가 만나 애절한 사랑을 표현할 "보고싶다"의 메인 타이틀곡인 "떨어진다 눈물이"는 감성 작곡가 PJ와 김진훈의 작품으로 작사가 최갑원의 수필같은 가사로 완성되었다. 차분하고 감성적인 편곡과 더불어 짙은 감성으로 새롭게 돌아온 왁스는 이 곡을 애절하지만 최대한 절제된 느낌으로 표현 하고 있다.

2000~11 Best Korean Drama Soundtracks(50 Songs)
*List Page - No Farewells(Romance) IU - Araro(Queen Seon Duk) SS501 - Because I'm Stupid(Boys Over Flowers) Second Moon - Ice Pond(Goong) Jo Kwan woo - Mermaid Who Loved Shark(My Girl) Younha - Can't Believe It(Private Taste) Izi - Emergency Room(Delightful Girl Choon-Hyang) Jeong Il young - Prayer(Autumn In My Heart) Taeyeon - Can You Hear Me(Beethoven Virus) Seo Jin young - Similar Love(Gumiho) Jo Jang hyuk - Love Song(Success Story of a Bright Girl) Suzy,Taecyeon, Soohyun, Wooyoung - Dream High(Dream High) Kim Bum soo - I Miss You(Stairway To Heaven) Lee Seung chul - Fate(Fire Bird) T-Max - Paradise(Boys Over Flowers) Seo Young eun - I'm Not Alone(Snowman) Stay - You&I Are Fools(Goong) Jo Sung mo - The Song of Wind(The Painter of the Wind) Han Ye seul - You Are Different(Nonstop) Baek Ji young - Don't Forget(Iris) Seo Woong suk - Flower Day(Hwang Jin Yi) Clazziquai - She Is(My Lovely Sam-Soon) B2ST - Dreaming(Me Too, Flower) Tiffany - I'm Alone(Ja Myung Go) Lim Hyung joo - I Hope You're Happy(Delightful Girl Choon-Hyang) Jo Sumi - If I Leave(The Last Empress) Hyun Bin - That Man(Secret Garden) Byul - I Think I(Full House) Shinee - Stand By Me(Boys Over Flowers) Loveholic - Flower Pot(Coffee Prince) Ryu - From The Beginning Until Now(Winter Sonata) Fly To The Sky - Even Though My Heart Hurts(Fashion 70's) ANJell - Still(You're Beautiful) Yoon Chang gun - Sincerely(Autumn In My Heart) Taeyeon - I Love You(Athena) Can - My Best Day Is Gone(Piano) 2AM - Like A Fool ...

JYJ - In Heaven YUNJAE VER MV by veveenaneeya
i might been kill cos by this kind of video someday, but this is my love and my pride for yunjae, i will not stop making a yunjae vid ,so back of yunjaephobic if u don like yunjae don watch a vids that had "yunjae" on its name

[JYJ]Santiago Concert(Get out Remix)

JYJ in Europe_Making Film

ユチョン出演ドラマ、トキメキ☆成均館スキャンダル主題歌「見つけた」に日本語字幕を付けてみました^^ 成均館ユチョン、きゅんきゅんしちゃいますよね!(*´艸`*)笑ブログなどに転載する際は、 一言コメントお願いします。 ※イ・ハンオルさんが歌った曲で動画を作ってしまったので 時間があれば、JYJが歌ったもので新しい字幕動画を作るつもりです^^ 日本語和訳出処...kozu127.blog99.fc2.com

[中字 1080p] 朴有天(JYJ) - 為你留下的空位 (너를 위한 빈자리) (Miss Ripley OST)
好吧,我知道這首歌已經不算新了XD 不過這首歌很好聽,我個人偏愛悲傷的歌, 這首我完全大愛啊!! 這次中字偏向意譯(我個人已經很努力嘗試貼近韓文歌詞本身- -) 因為過了這麼久,我的韓語實力完全沒有進步過= = 不過這次我終於把字幕嵌入影片裡了! 雖然字型不太好看,但總比CC好吧^^ 希望大家喜歡!! 翻譯錯了的話請見諒~ 謝謝~

JYJ Showcase Tour 2010 NYC
www.allkpop.com Highlights from the JYJ Showcase Tour 2010 in New York City. 11.12.2010

Scent Of A Woman ~ You Are So Beautiful
Scent Of A Woman korean drama Artist: Junsu(JYJ) song: You Are So Beautiful