OneRepublic - Secrets
Music video by OneRepublic performing Secrets. (C) 2009 Mosley Music/Interscope Records

C-130 YMC-130H Lockheed Hercules flight test accident crash
Discovery Communications Content copyright. Top secret Iran hostage rescue mission aircraft YMC-130H were three modified Lockheed Hercules Aircraft for Top Secret "Operation Credible Sport", for second Iran hostage crisis rescue attempt. One of the measures considered for a second hostage rescue attempt in Iran was a project to develop a "Super STOL" aircraft, to be flown by Combat Talon crews, that would use a soccer stadium near the US Embassy as an improvised landing field. Called Credible Sport, the project acquired three C-130H transports from an airlift unit in late August 1980, one as a test bed and two for the mission, and modified them on an accelerated basis. Designated as the XFC-130H, the aircraft were modified by the installation of 30 rockets in five sets: eight firing forward to stop the aircraft, eight downward to brake its descent rate, eight rearward for takeoff assist, four mounted on the wings to stabilize them during takeoff transition, and two at the rear of the tail to prevent it from striking the ground because of over-rotation. Other STOL features included a dorsal and two ventral fins on the rear fuselage, double-slotted flaps and extended ailerons, a new radome, a tailhook for landing aboard an aircraft carrier, and Combat Talon avionics, including a TF/TA radar, a defensive countermeasures suite, and a Doppler radar/GPS tie-in to the aircraft's inertial navigation system. Of the three aircraft, only one received full modification. The program ...

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Top Secret Drum Corps Edinburgh Military Tattoo 2009
The outstanding Swiss Top Secret Drum Corps recorded at the Edinburgh Military Tattoo in August 2009. Check 2006: www.youtube.com

Secret Garden - Nocturne
Secret Garden - Nocturne * VIDEOCLIP * EUROVISION 1995 WINNERS Lyrics: La Dagen fa Sin Hvile Na OgNatten vil vake for den Nocturn Se morket mã Engang forga Sa natten kan fade en dag Translation: Now lat day Just slip away So the dark night May watch over you Nocturne Though darlmess lay It will give way When the dark night Delivers the day

The Victoria's Secret Angels Sing 'Deck the Halls'
Supermodels Candice Swanepoel, Miranda Kerr, Doutzen Kroes, Alessandra Ambrosio, Lily Aldridge, Lindsay Ellingson and Erin Heatherton have fun decking the halls and putting their own spin on a Christmas classic in this adorable video for Holiday 2012.

'Secret Garden - Versailles' | Long version
'Secret Garden - Versailles' A film by Inez van Lamsweerde and Vinoodh Matadin, starring Daria Strokus, Melissa Stasiuk and Xiao Wen Ju in La Galeries Des Glaces - Château de Versailles. Music by Depeche Mode: 'Enjoy the Silence'

시크릿 (Secret) _ 별빛달빛 (Starlight Moonlight) MV
[ ♬ Download ] iTunes : itunes.apple.com Melon : www.melon.com ▶ LOENMUSIC TW : twitter.com ▶ LOENMUSIC FB : www.facebook.com Secret, with their wide musical spectrum proven through consecutive hit songs such as "Magic", "Madonna", and "Shy Boy", have come up with the keywords "memories" and "love". The title song "Starlight Moonlight" was co-produced by the composers Kang Ji-Won and Kim Ki-Bum, without whom Secret could not be mentioned. It features lyrical melodies that sing of purity and offers to those of all generations with memories from the past they had forgotten about. シークレット(Secret) _ ビョルピッダルピッ(星光月光/Starlight Moonlight) 「Magic」、「Madonna」、「Shy Boy」を相次いでヒットさせながら、幅広い音楽的力量を披露してきたシークレットが今回選んだキーワードは、まさに'思い出'と'愛'だ。 タイトル曲「星光月光」は 'シークレット'といえば欠かせない作曲家カン・ジウォン、キム・キボムコンビがプロデュースした曲だ。純粋さを歌う叙情的なメロディーが慌しい生活の中で忘れていた昔の思い出をあらためて思い出させながら老若男女誰もが共感できる普遍的な感性を披露する予定だ。 "Magic", "Madonna", "Shy Boy"를 연이어 히트 시키며 폭넓은 음악적 역량을 선사해온 시크릿이 이번에 선택한 키워드는 바로 '추억'과 '사랑'이다. 타이틀곡 "별빛달빛"은 '시크릿'하면 빼놓을 수 없는 작곡가 강지원, 김기범이 공동으로 프로듀싱한 곡으로, 순수함을 노래하는 서정적인 멜로디가 바쁜 생활 속에 잊고 있던 옛 추억을 다시금 떠올리게 하면서 남녀노소 전 세대를 아우르는 보편적 감성을 선사 할 계획이다.

[Full HD] Secret - Shy Boy [Full] MV
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Secret - Official Video by The Pierces
The Pierces debut their new video for Secret directed by...The Pierces! Enjoy!

The Secret to You..A Gift From The Secret Scrolls.
The Secret team has created a visualization tool, "The Secret to You", which you can download for free and play every day. "The Secret to You" has been especially created to harness all the power of The Secret to transform your life into happiness, prosperity, health, love and joy. To experience maximum power from the visualization tool, read the words and feel them with all your heart. From all at The Secret, we celebrate you, we give thanks for you and we wish you a life beyond your wildest dreams. To experience "The Secret to You" visualization tool The Secret to You thesecret.tv

Secret(시크릿) _ Love is MOVE(사랑은 MOVE) MV
Secret, the four-member Muse with overflowing energy, is challenging the K-pop scene with their first full-length album "Moving in Secret" since their debut 2 years ago. The album contains 10 songs, the title song being "Love is MOVE", expressing Secret's unique style through various genres, including Zinger's solo, ballads, and medium pop dance songs. シークレット(Secret)_ サランウン・ムーブ( 愛は MOVE/ Love is MOVE) パワフルなエネルギーを持つ4人のミューズシークレット(Secret)がデビュー2年目に初のフルアルバム[MOVING IN SECRET]を発表して歌謡界に挑戦状を差し出した。 シークレットがデビュー2年目に初めて発表するフルアルバム[Moving In SECRET]には、タイトル曲「愛はMOVE」をはじめ全10トラックが含まれている。メンバージンガのソロ曲からバラード、ミディアム・ポップダンスなど多様なジャンルの音楽がシークレットならではのスタイルで表現された。 파워풀한 에너지를 소유한 4명의 뮤즈 시크릿(Secret)이 데뷔 2년만에 첫 번째 정규앨범 'MOVING IN SECRET'을 발표하고 가요계에 도전장을 내밀었다. 시크릿이 데뷔 후 2년만에 처음 발표하는 정규 앨범 'Moving In SECRET'에는 타이틀곡 '사랑은 MOVE'를 비롯한 총 10트랙이 담겨 있는데, 멤버 징거의 솔로곡부터 발라드, 미디엄 팝 댄스 등 다양한 장르의 음악이 시크릿만의 스타일로 표현되었다.

Dave Chappelle - The Secret
Dave talks about his depression and "The Secret" at the Laugh Factory in Hollywood, CA. See more hilarious stand up comedy and check our club schedule on LaughFactory.com Follow us twitter.com Like us: facebook.com

Victoria's Secret Fashion Show 2012 2013 HD ft Justin Bieber, Rihanna, Bruno Mars | FashionTV
Victoria's Secret Fashion Show 2012 HD ft Justin Bieber & Rihanna SEE THE PINK CARPET: youtu.be www.FashionTV.com NEW YORK - FashionTV has the super sexy ladies of Victoria's Secret at the annual Victoria's Secret fashion show in NYC, alongside special music guests Bruno Mars, Justin Bieber...

Nicki Minaj - Super Bass (Victoria's Secret Show 2011)(720p)

宇多田ヒカル - Can You Keep A Secret?
2001年2月16日発売 7th Single"(CX 系ドラマ「HERO」主題歌) 。PVでは恋人役としてロボット"PINO"と競演。第16回日本ゴールドディスク大賞「ソング・オブ・ザ・イヤー」受賞。2002 年「JASRAC賞」銀賞。 ----- Utada Hikaru - Can You Keep A Secret? Hikki's 7th single, released on Feb. 16, 2011 (also the theme song for the drama "HERO" (Fuji TV Network)). Hikki stars alongside "PINO," who poses as her robot live-in boyfriend. Winner of a 16th Japan Gold Disc Award for "Song of the Year" and the 2002 JASRAC Silver Award.

[MV]Secret (시크릿) - Magic (매직) [1st Mini Album "Secret Time"]

Maroon 5 - Moves like jagger (Live HD)
The GRAMMY Nominations Concert, Victoria Secrets Fashion Show 2011-11-29

Song from a Secret Garden
How can anything be so beautiful yet so depressing to listen to? I made this using Secret Garden music and narration lyrics by Rolf Lovland. I created this when i lost a girl. I hope this video serves for others as it had, and does, for me.

Hyun Bin - That man (Eng sub)(Secret Garden OST)
South Korean drama Secret Garden's OST "That man" of Hyun Bin(main actor) version.

Secret Seats on Airplanes
More tips like this... www.petergreenberg.com Everyone knows that getting an exit row seat will result in more leg room and comfort. But NBC Travel Editor Peter Greenberg knows that there are plenty of other secret seats that can be just as good.

あの日見た花の名前を僕達はまだ知らない secret base ~君がくれたもの~ SP
アニメ「あの日見た花の名前を僕達はまだ知らない。」のED「secret base ~君がくれたもの~ 10 years after Ver」とZONEの「secret base ~君がくれたもの~」とSCANDALの「secret base ~君がくれたもの~」を合わせたものです。右側のイヤホンからは、ZONE。左側のイヤホンからは、SCANDAL。中央に「secret base ~君がくれたもの~ 10 years after Ver」が流れるようになってます。動画を楽しみながら聞いてもらえると嬉しいです。なお、これはイヤホン推奨です。 You Tubeに投稿した音源ですが、少し修正を加えたものです。 修正項目は、「1、2番サビに入る手前の無音のところ」 「最後のサビ(君と夏の終わり 将来の夢~)がなんかずれていたので修正」「細かい部分を修正」です。 www.youtube.com ただ今、皆さんが納得できるようなPVっぽいのを鋭意作成中ですので、出来上がるまでお待ちください。その時は、この説明蘭に連絡しますので楽しみにしてください。今現在忙しく作成に時間を費やしてます。しばらくお待ちください。 歌詞君と夏の終わり 将来の夢大きな希望 忘れない10年後の8月また出会えるのを 信じて最高の思い出を・・・ 出会いは ふっとした 瞬間 帰り道の交差点で声をかけてくれたね 「一緒に帰ろう」 僕は 照れくさそうに カバンで顔を隠しながら本当は とても とても 嬉しかったよあぁ 花火が夜空 きれいに咲いて ちょっとセツナクあぁ 風が時間とともに 流れる嬉しくって 楽しくって 冒険も いろいろしたね二人の 秘密の 基地の中君と夏の終わり 将来の夢 大きな希望 忘れない10年後の8月 また出会えるのを 信じて君が最後まで 心から 「ありがとう」叫んでいたこと知っていたよ涙をこらえて 笑顔でさようなら せつないよね最高の思い出を・・・ あぁ 夏休みも あと少しで 終わっ ...

Sleepsong - Secret Garden
Warning: Slideshow sucks :D

[MV HD] Secret (시크릿) - Madonna (마돈나) (August 2010 Comeback)
Artist: Secret Album: Madonna Genre: Pop / Dance Release Date: 2010.08.12 Language: Korean 01 Madonna 02 랄랄라 03 잘해 더! (feat. 백찬 of 8eight) 04 줄듯말듯 05 자리비움

Secret Garden ~ Songs From A Secret Garden