[HD] 5Dolls - Like This Like That MV
[HD] 5Dolls - Like This Like That

SPEED BY T-ARA _ Lovey-Dovey Plus [ver.2] MV
The male members of COED SCHOOL have formed the unit group "SPEED". The name stands for how they will go on full speed non-stop and consists of six members including Tae-Woon, Jung-Woo, Gwang-Haeng, Sung-Min, In-Oh, and Jong-Gook- from Superstar K3. SPEED's agency requested to rearrange T-ARA's "Lovey-Dovey" in their own style and participated in the arrangement with the permission of T-ARA's agency, resulting in the song "Lovey-Dovey Plus". The music video for "Lovey-Dovey Plus" reminds us of Michael Jackson's "Billie Jean", staring Hwayoung from T-ARA and Hyoyoung from 5Dolls. スピードBYティアラ(SPEED BY T-ARA)_ ラビダビ・プラス(Lovey-Dovey Plus) 男女共学の男子メンバーたちが'SPEED(スピード)'という名前でユニット・グループを結成した。 男女共学のユニット・グループ'SPEED(スピード)'は、'休まずに走り続ける'という意味で、テウン、ジョンウ、クァンヘン、ソンミン、インオ、そしてスーパースターK3のジョングックが合流して6人のメンバーで結成された。 'SPEED(スピード)'は、所属事務所側にティアラの「Lovey-Dovey(ラビダビ)」を自分たちだけの感じで編曲したいと要求し、所属事務所の許可を得て編曲に参加、録音して「Lovey-Dovey Plus(ラビダビ・プラス)」という曲が誕生した。 マイケル・ジャクソンの「Billie Jean(ビリー•ジーン)」を連想させる、「Lovey-Dovey Plus(ラビダビ・プラス)」のミュージックビデオには、ティアラのファヨンと5Dollsのヒョヨンが共に出演して話題を集めている。 남녀공학의 남자멤버들이 'SPEED(스피드)'라는 이름으로 유닛그룹을 결성했다. 남녀공학 유닛그룹 'SPEED(스피드)'는 지치지 ...

【OLD VERSION】T-ara (티아라) - Like The First Time (처음처럼) (areia remix)
Remastered version: www.youtube.com When back in 1995 I was in middle-high school in a part of Europe that 150+ bpm hardtrance was our breakfast, I remember myself dancing alone in my room to yet another release from SPV. Rave Mission 5 was far my favourite and I can actually write down in paper with ears and eyes closed the exact sequence of every tune in there. When I first listened to T-ara's "Like the first time" I was impressed by the background pad/lead and the progressive retro bass sequence (probably that goes even back to '80s). I knew the tempo was pretty fast so I had two options: either to make it slower and go for a trance/dance track or I could keep the tempo unaltered and go for a hardtrance one. Kara's "Wanna" was a very similar case but the amount of effort I was putting back then was tiny compared to now. So I've loaded my default template project, threw the girls in and added some beat. I was trying to find some interesting bass but anything with an appergio in wouldn't sound that good. Then I've said "hey hold on, this is retro anyway", so I didn't need to over-engineer it. As soon as I threw in an aggresive bass with an upbeat groove (that's the simplest bassline you can get - just play a note between each beat) I was officially back in '90s. Then I've added some gated leads and voice pads (it was a must back then - just listen to "Alien Factory - Anytime Anyplace" at around 1:50 and you'll know immediately what I mean) and that sounded massive. It ...

110304 5dolls It's You @MuBank (w/ T-ara's Eunjung, Hyomin, and Jiyeon)
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5dolls (파이브돌스) (feat. Jay Park) - "Your Words/It's You" Music Video (Part. 2)
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5Dolls - Lip Stains (MV)
# 5Dolls - Lip Stains (MV) (Part 1)

Winx Club:Season 5! Harmonix Clips & Dolls Advert! HQ!
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Naruto Ultimate Ninja 5 How to unlock classic Sasuke and 4th Hokage - part 26 (LAST)
Naruto Shippuuden Ultimate Ninja 5 master mode walkthrough How to unlock classic Sasuke and 4th Hokage part 26 Finally the last part To unlock 4th hokage you have beat all wooden dolls. Here you can find where they are hidden - www.gamefaqs.com Everyone keeps asking the same question over and over again - how to unlock Sasuke and Youndaime Hokage. In this walkthrough i gonna do every quest you have to complete to unlock those characters. dazzle dvd recorder

Hi-5 Dancing dolls (2001)
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5Dolls Like This Like That Trot Version
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Sexy Edwige Fenech in "Five Dolls for an August Moon" (1970)
Sexy Edwige Fenech on a spinning bed. From the 1970 film "Cinque bambole per la luna d'agosto" (Five Dolls for an August Moon), directed by Mario Bava. Also starring William Berger. Soundtrack by Piero Umiliani. Produced by Produzioni Atlas Consorziate (PAC). Distributed in US by Starz Home Entertainment.

[MP3 DOWNLOAD] 5dolls- 너 말이야 (Your Words / It's You) w/ Romanized & English Lyrics
mp3: www.4shared.com R omanized L yrics: This is 5dolls New trend song Let's start it now hetgallindan mariya Ah Ah ttak malhagineun mwohan mariya Ah Ah meonjeo hagineun sirheun mariya sujupdan mariya moreuncheok jom hajima dasi nunbusige hwajangeul hago dasi geoulsoge nal hwaginhago imanhamyeon na tinajanha mwo ijeunmal eomni neo *I Can't take my Eyes Eyes Eyes nan molla neoman bomyeon Oh Oh Oh namjan dunhaedo neomu dunhae nunchiga eobseo No Uh Uh Uh Uh neomanbomyeon Ah Ah Ah nae mam da deulkirago Oh Oh Oh baboga aniramyeon nae mam moreulli eopdan mariya **Hey neo mariya Ah Ah Ah Yes neo mariya Ah Ah Ah na neomu eogulhae neol kkok butjabeullae Oh Oh Oh Oh Hey neo mariya Ah Ah Ah Yes neo mariya Ah Ah Ah sorichyeo ireum bulleoya nal bwajulgeoni [RAP] neo jeongmal mollaseo mutneun mariya Oh bamsae neo ttaemune jam motdeundanmariya Oh miwo miwo neo mariya babo babo jeongmariya eotteoke neo molla Why nae mameul molla Why dasi ireoke tto haruneun gago dasi nareul tteona neoneun tto gago moreuneungeoya aneungeoya mwol deoharan mariya *REPEAT [RAP] ippeuge kkumin nae moseubi chorahaejyeo hwajangeul da jiugo neoege sorijilleo neo mariya geugeon mariya saranghandan mariya Oh Tell me what you want want want Tell me what you know know know I Can't take my Eyes Eyes Eyes nae mam da deulkirago Oh Oh Oh baboga aniramyeon nae mam moreulli eopdan mariya **REPEAT Romanized Lyrics (Credits: yuchan_87 @ Site for Latest Korean Music Album Lyrics) romanization.wordpress.com E nglish T ...

5dolls (파이브돌스) (featuring Jay Park) - "Lip Stains" Teaser
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Hi-5 Sharing Stories- Nathan' s dolls
Series 4

HyoYoung rap cuts, 5dolls.

110313 5dolls - It's You @Inki
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5dolls - Lip Stains + I Mean You Music Video (Pt.1-2)
The 5th member of 5dolls is Eunkyo. She's in the music video

[110217] Lip Stains - 5 dolls

MINA バーレスク ダンス Express アギレラ 映画
習い事ならモデルやタレントも通う唯一のバーレスク ダンス スクール(MDS)へ!!(東京 渋谷)詳しくはホームページにアクセス下さい☆ MINA ミーナ バーレスクダンススクール (教室) 曲:Express(エキスプレス) アーティスト:Christina Aguilera (クリスティーナ アギレラ) アルバム:バーレスク サントラ サウンドトラックpick uped dancers ダンサー: 左より、 Mary Jun Takahashi 高橋メアリー ジュン MINA Yu Takahashi 高橋ユウ Maiko Kako 加古舞子 Alisa Sugi 杉ありさこの動画は中上級レベルの選ばれたダンサーです。 他、入門、初級レベルもあります。 『Burlesque』 dance lesson in Tokyo Japan こんなダンスレッスンを行っています! Twitter : Mina_Lesson ★バーレスクダンス レッスン Burlesque 詳細はホームページに掲載★ mina.aecy.com ジャンル・タイプ:バーレスク、セクシー系、ヒール受講条件:14才以上、女性限定レッスン内容: ストレッチ → 基礎 → ハイヒールを履いてのウォーキングや簡単な踊り、またはそのコンビネーション →振付ハイヒールを履いて、自分の好きなセクシーな衣装を見にまとい、 簡単なダンスを通して、セクシーなしぐさの見せ方、動き方などを楽しみながら学んでいくレッスンです。 セクシーでキュートなダンス『バーレスク』を習って、 女子力アップしませんか?! イメージ的には、クリスティーナ アギュレラ主演の映画『バーレスク』やビヨンセ、Pussycat Dolls PCD、ブリトニー、倖田來未が踊っているようなダンスです。Chicago シカゴ 米倉涼子 ブロードウェイ ミュージカルとも似たイメージです。 講師は倖田來未のPV バックダンサーを勤めた事のあるプロダンサーです。 ダンスをした事のない人も楽しめる、大人の女性向けに作ったこの ...

[1080P HD] CO-ED SCHOOL - Bbiribbom Bberibbom OFFICIAL M/V
Coed School is a South Korean 12-member dance/pop group managed by Core Contents Media sub-label GM Contents Media. The group was originally on main label Core Contents Media, debuting in 2010 consisting of 6 male and 4 female members: Soomi,Kwangheng, Yoosung, Taewoon, Kangho, Chanmi, Noori, Hyoyoung, Hyewon, Sungmin. Their first single "Too Late" was released in late September 2010; followed by Bbiribbom Bberibbom, later by a mini-album "Something That Is Cheerful and Fresh". In December 2010, Eunkyo was added but debuted in 5Dolls sub group. Nearly a year later Kangho decided to leave the group to focus on acting, being replaced by a new member Jongkook. In February 2012, the group was moved to Core Contents Media's sub label "GM Contents Media", headed by CEO Kwon Sibong, who has been a partner of Core Contents Media's Kim Kwangsoo for 10 years. Along with this, leader Soomi withdrew from the group, deciding to go solo and stayed with CCM, and was replaced by new female member Nayeon. Another male member was then added, named Saejoon, making Coed School a 12-member group, with 5 female members and 7 male members. 2010: Debut and Something That Is Cheerful and Fresh Just under three weeks since their debut, the group followed up "Too Late" with a second single, "Bbiribbom Bberibbom" (삐리뽐 빼리뽐). The music video for the song was recorded on October 11, 2010, and features T-ara member Ham Eun-jeong. The video, along with a second music video for ballad "Nae ...

Geinoh Yamashirogumi - Akira OST (Full Album)
1. Kaneda 0:00 2. The Battle Against Clown 3:11 3. Winds Over Neo-Tokyo 6:48 4. Tetsuo 9:35 5. Dolls' Polyphony 19:53 6. Shohmyoh 22:47 7. Mutation 32:58 8. Exodus from the Underground Fortress 37:48 9. Illusion 41:07 10. Requiem 55:04

110217 5dolls Debut Stage Lip Stains+It's You @M!Count
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Hwa Young [T-ara] & Hyo Young [Co-Ed] Live Moments
T-ara Why Are You Being Like This, 5dolls - It's You

Filmbar70 presents EDWIGE FENECH - Giallo Queen (720p)
Following the first ever UK release on DVD of 'The Strange Vice of Mrs Wardh', Filmbar70 is proud to celebrate the queen of giallo herself - Edwige Fenech - and the sextet of films released between 1970 and 1975 that brought her international acclaim. Her immaculate beauty, uninhibited approach to erotica and a willingness to plummet unrestrained into the abyss made her the natural choice for a sensual, beleaguered heroine, constantly pursued by many a maniac sporting the de rigour black leather gloves. And so her luminosity burned brightly in the tenebrous world of perverted desires and psychopathic misdeeds of many a giallo classic. She made her first foray into the genre under the guidance of the acknowledged maestro and giallo propagator Mario Bava in 1970, breathing life into the slight but stylish pop-art extravaganza '5 Dolls for an August Moon'. Playing a gyrating party girl with attitude, she was disappointingly dispatched far too early in the proceedings. Her next engagement elevated her to deserving star status, and Fenech seized the opportunity, immersing herself completely in the fraught, romantic and emotionally challenging 'The Strange Vice of Mrs Wardh' ('71) to create one of her most iconic characters. It was here that she would form an alliance with the producer and director sibling team of Luciano and Sergio Martino -- an alliance that would guide her throughout the majority of her acting career. Returning to the screen soon after the birth of her son ...

110603 5Dolls - Like This Like That