Singaporean Style (Gangnam Style Parody)
DOWNLOAD SINGAPOREAN STYLE : www.mediafire.com !!TURN ON CAPTIONS FOR THE LYRICS!! INSTRUMENTAL BY: ADreamOfficial (www.youtube.com STARRING: DEE KOSH (lyrics and vocals) and SHAUN LEE BRYANT (twitter.com / www.facebook.com DIRECTED, EDITED/VOCALS RECORDED, MIXED BY: KEN LEONG (twitter.com / www.facebook.com PERSONAL ASSISTANT: Nathanael Tan (www.facebook.com FEATURING: Naomi Neo (naomineo.blogspot.sg Peishi (speishi.blogspot.sg Noah Yap (www.youtube.com WITH: Xavier Ong (www.xavierong.com Mae Tan (marxmae.com Ridhwan Azman (www.youtube.com Victoria, Ralph, Melissa, Rachael, Florence and Lester. Hope that you'll like our parody. It wasn't that good but we had a lot of fun filming it with our crew and everyone who was involved. STAY TUNED FOR DEE KOSH THE MIXTAPE!

[MV] SG WannaBe - Timeless
Sharing another great SG WannaBe Song and MV. Song from their 1st album.

The Voices - Hot Korean Girls Dance Battle in Club
The Voices - Hot Korean Girls Dance Battle in Club SG wannabe Remix featureing "The Voices"

SG Wannabe - Partner for Life (feat Dongwan)
SG Wannabe's new song. shinhwa's dongwan stars in their music video

Secret Garden MV - Sunflower. Hyun Bin, Ha Ji Won
Like withHyunBin on Facebook: www.facebook.com Follow withHyunBin on Twitter: twitter.com Download video: withhyunbin.com Fan-made MV of Joo Won(Hyun Bin 현빈) & Ra Im (Ha Ji Won 하지원) from the 2010 Korean drama "Secret Garden" 시크릿 가든. ♫♪♫ SG워너비 (SG Wannabe) - 해바라기 (Sunflower)

The Thorn Birds (OST) 가시나무새 - 너란 사람 I knew people - SG Wannabe + [Eng Sub & DL]
"The Thorn Tree Bird OST" 가시나무새 - 너란 사람 By SG Wannabe A new Korean drama starring Han Hye Jin, Joo sang Wook, Seo Do Young Download link- www.mediafire.com I love this OST by SG Wannabe, I love the actors in this too, and the drama is good so far. ^^ Can't wait for new episodes, hope you enjoy it! Please rate, comment, & subscribe! This is the story of two women, Seo Jung Eun and Han Yoo Kyung, who walk very different paths to achieve their desires. Seo Jung Eun is a strong and courageous woman who has suffered a difficult life, having grown up in an orphanage, but continues to embrace people around her despite longing for affection herself. Jung Eun harbours the hope that she will meet her mother if she becomes a star, striving to reach her goal and overcome her suffering with her pure and innocent nature. In contrast, Han Yoo Kyung has a birth secret for which she is willing to throw away everything in order to get revenge. The "thorn birds" of the title refers to Jung Eun's character, who only brings out her best at the cost of great pain. A thorn bird is a mythical bird who searches for a thorn tree from the day it is born. When it finds it, the bird impales itself upon the sharpest thorn, and rises above the agony to sing the most beautiful song ever heard. [ENG SUB] Even if I try hard to close my eyes Even if I try hard to close my ears I could see your tears, I could hear your pain You're a very lonely person The one I miss, the one that I miss Don't run ...

SG Wannabe - Lalala (Version 2)
SG Wannabe - Lalala (Version 2) www.z-degrees.net

Saldaga - As I've Live (Sad Love Story Theme) Sg.Wannabe
If you guys LIKE, click this link for more : 2d3ea104.whackyvidz.com Add me on facebook c0463307.tinylinks.co Saldaga - As I've Live Sg.Wannabe on Sad Love Story Original Sound Track

2002 World Cup Theme Song - Correarirang
A song revived by many artists like Super Junior, SG Wannabe, JADU, and many more!!! enjoy!

Full House 2 official cast confirmed / Korean drama 2012 (No Min Woo & Hwang Jung Eum)
wiki.d-addicts.com Rain and Song Hye Kyo won´t be in Full House 2 풀하우스 2 / Poolhawooseu 2 (2012-upcoming k-drama) Cast: No Min Woo Hwang Jung Eum Lee Seung Hyo Korean actress Hwang Jung-eum and actor No Min-woo have been confirmed for the "Full House" sequel. A press release by the two's agency Core Contents Media said on Tuesday that both actors have signed on as the main characters "after amicable discussions between the agency and show's producers." Hwang and No had been in talks to star in the sequel since mid-September but held off on their decision due to differences in opinion with the show's producer. The upcoming "Full House" sequel will focus on the fake marriage between a top star and a poor aspiring reporter. It will make its premiere on Japanese broadcasting channel TBS in March of next year before it begins its run in Korea. The original series, starring singer-actor Jung Ji-hoon and actress Song Hye-kyo, was based on a 16-volume comic series by Won Soo-yeon which was popular among Korean readers from when it started to be published in 1994. No, who debuted in 2004, made his name known more recently through TV series "Pasta" (MBC, 2010) and "Midas" (SBS, 2011). Hwang, debuted as a singer in 2002 but gained recognition after appearing in MBC reality show "We are Married" in 2009 with her boyfriend Kim Yong-joon of male group SG Wannabe. Her last acting gig was in MBC TV series "Listen to My Heart" this year with actors Kim Jae-won and Namgung Min.

sg wannabe feat. Kim Jong Kook - only wind only wind ^^
I love this video so much sad ending though TT

SG워너비 - 한 여름날의 꿈 (Duet With 옥주현)
4집 The Sentimental Chord

Hluas Nkauj Hmoob
Just to let everyone know, this isn't ak drama or a movie. It's just a music video from SG wannabe that i edited with a hmong music.

Sg Wannabe - Slow MV
Sg Wannabe - Slow MV Featuring Dongwan from Shinwha It's so sad T__T Credit to Shinwha Changjo ^^

SG Wannabe - Timeless Perf.
SG Wannabe performs their debut hit song 'Timeless' on a music program on ETN Tension remade/redid/stole/whatever this song. Song: Timeless Original Artist: SG Wannabe Album: Wanna Be+ Composer: Park Geun Tae Lyrics: Kang Eun Kyung Arranged By: Jo Young Soo

East Of Eden OST - SG Wanna Be, Kim Jong Wook Reverse Fate
OST 4 the korean drama East OF Eden starrin Song Seung Hoon Han Ji Hye Lee Dae Hee Dennis Oh enjoy!!

Recommended Korean Dramas
I know that, there are LOTS of videos like this, but i just wanted to share my own opinion on what k-dramas i like. And i am new on making videos. Hope you guys enjoy ! Full House- Geu Deh Ji Geum Autumn tale- Reason Boys Over Flower- Because I'm Stupid (SS501) East of eden- Reverse Fate (SG Wannabe) Soulmate- C'mon Through My Girl- Sang-eo-reul Sa-rang-han In-eo My Lovely Kim Sam Soon- She is I'm Sorry, I love you- Nun-yi-kkot Goong- Perhaps Love Save The Last Dance For Me- Give My Love (Eng. Ver.) You're Beautiful- 9th Street Without Words

SG워너비 - 내사람 (Partner For Life)
아티스트|SG 워너비 앨범명|3집 - The 3rd Masterpiece 발매 정보|2006.04.05 가사 김진호) 내 가슴속에 사는 사람 내가 그토록 아끼는 사람 너무 소중해 마음껏 안아보지도 못했던 채동하) 누구에게나 흔한 행복 한 번도 준적이...

Dong Yi - Hello-RO.avi
SG Wannabe - Hello

I'll Be There (Korean Singer :So Hyang)
I'll Be There (Korean Singer :So Hyang) Woman Singer : 소향 So Hyang Man Singer : SG Wannabe (Lee Seok-Hun) KBS POPS Orchestra 19th,July,2009.KBS Music Hall,Seoul Korea. ======================================================== ▶ Let's English POP SONG COLLECTION www.youtube.com ======================================================== ...

FIX(픽스) _ She's My Girl(내 여자라고) MV
The group FIX (Nuri, Osong, Jungwook), with the titles "all-round idol" and "vocal idol", is releasing their first single album "She's My Girl", following their first album last January with "Don't Speak". "She's My Girl" is a dance song featuring a pop-style melody with longing and melancholy lyrics for a girl. The song was composed by Min Myung-Ki, who previously worked with SG Wannabe and Gavy NJ, and the lyrics were written by Min-un-Jae, who worked with 4Men, and K-Will. The activities for the single album "She's My Girl" will take place without the leader "Sung-Woo". Sung-Woo, the leader of FIX, is not withdrawing from the group but taking some time off for this album in order to focus on his acting career. The Groove Entertainment claims that "it will be worth noting Sung-Woo's future as he takes his first step as an actor". ▶ LOENMUSIC FB : www.facebook.com ▶ LOENMUSIC TW : twitter.com 지난 1월 '말하지마'로 활발한 1집 활동을 펼친 '만능돌', '가창돌'이라 불리는 그룹 픽스(FIX)(누리, 오송, 정욱)가 1st 싱글 앨범 '내 여자라고'를 발표한다. 싱글 '내 여자라고'는 POP적인 멜로디의 '댄스곡'이며 한 여자를 향한 간절하고도 애절한 가사가 곡에 아주 잘 스며들어있다. '내 여자라고' 의 작곡엔 SG 워너비, 가비엔 제이 등과 작업을 한 민명기 작곡가가 참여했고, 작사에는 포맨, 케이윌 등의 곡의 작사를 맡았던 민연재 작사가가 참여하여 곡의 완성도를 높였다. 이번 '내 여자라고' 싱글 앨범 에서는 리더였던 '성우'를 제외한 3명의 멤버를 중심으로 펼쳐나갈 계획이다. 픽스(FIX)의 리더인 '성우'는 당분간 ...

MV : SG Wanna Be (워너비) feat Park Seung Hwa (박승화) (Yurisangja 유리상자) - 내사랑 울보 (Naesarang Ulbo) (Cry My Baby Love) & 사랑해 (Saranghae) (I Love You)

[MV/HD] IU - 마쉬멜로우 (Marshmallow) [K-Pop November 2009]
Artist: IU (아이유) Single: 2nd Mini Album "IU...IM" Release: Video (2009-11-11), Album (2009-11-12) Language: Korean (한국어) Genre: Pop Label: Leon Entertainment Youtube fan channel: youtube.com Soompi IU Thread: www.soompi.com Daum site of IU: music.daum.net ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Birth name: Lee Ji-Eun (이지은) Born: May 16, 1993 Genres : K-pop Occupations: Singer, Disk Jockey Years active: 2008-present Labels: Loen Entertainment Lee Ji-Eun (Hangul: 이지은; born May 16, 1993), commonly known by the stage name of IU (아이유) is a South Korean singer. IU debuted on September 24, 2008 with her first mini-album, Lost and Found, in which she was praised by various Korean artists for her strong vocals. On April 16, 2009, IU returned with her first full album, titled Growing Up with her title song being "Boo", in which she started promotions for the album on the 17th. Within three weeks, "Boo" went up to the #1 contendants for SBS Inkigayo, and her name also went up twice on Take 7 together with other notable artists like SG Wannabe and YounHa. The song also did well on KBS Music Bank K-Chart, on Mnet M!Countdown chart, and on various online music charts. IU also often sings other artist's songs with her guitar, most notably re-editions of SHINee "Juliette", Big Bang (band) "Lies", Super Junior "Sorry, Sorry" and Girls' Generation "Gee". More recently, IU sung the ending title song, "Araro" for the ...

SG워너비 - 아리랑
4집 The Sentimental Chord

SG Wannabe, Ok Ju Hyun - Coffee House OST Part 2
Title: Coffee House OST Part 2 Artist: SG Wannabe & Ok Ju Hyun Genre: OST Released: 2010.05.10 01. 페이지원 mp3: kaboomza.com