G.NA - Black & White
G.NA's 1st LP 'Black & White' was released on 18th JAN 2011. (This Song 'Black & White' is the title track of that LP.) Please enjoy this song! :D

5월 22일 발매, 지나 미니 3집 타이틀곡 '2HOT' 뮤직비디오 대공개! 섹시디바 지나의 2HOT한 영상, 지금 감상해보세요! 이 외에도 지나의 여러 모습이 담겨있는 지나 미니3집도 많이 사랑해주세요~ -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The sexy goddess G.NA is back and she is hotter than ever! It is way '2HOT' and we wonder if you could handle it! Turn up the volume and enjoy the feast for your eyes and ears. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 5月22日発売、G.NAの三つ目のシングル'2 HOT"のPV大公開! セクシーディーバG.NAの熱い映像は、今お見逃しなく! G.NAのニューシングルもたくさん愛してください~

G.NA - 꺼져 줄게 잘 살아 (I'll Get Lost, You Go Your Way) (Feat. 용준형)
드디어 데뷔! G.NA의 타이틀곡 '꺼져 줄게 잘 살아(Feat. 용준형)' official M/V G.NA - I'll get lost, you go your way (Feat. Junhyung Yong)

Gina G - Ooh Ahh... Just A Little Bit Eurovision performance
Gina G singing "Ooh Ahh... Just A Little Bit" live at the Eurovision Song Contest in 1996.

요섭&가윤 버전 - '애인이 생기면 하고 싶은 일'
G.NA의 '애인이 생기면 하고 싶은 일(with 비)'를 4MINUTE 가윤, BEAST 요섭이 부른다면?! How sweet!

G.NA - Say You Love Me feat Hyuna
G.na - Say You Love Me feat Hyuna I take some clip from Verbal Jint - Promise Promise feat G.na this video is so hard to make.. I hope you all like it I love G.na..She is the best singer.. I love this song so much.. Thanks for watching comment please

Hyuna - A Bitter Day [ENG] Feat G.NA & Junhyung
Picture and Song credit goes to CUBE Ent.

G.NA - 2HOT (Teaser)
미니 3집을 들고 돌아온, 너무 뜨거워 주체할수 없는 지나의 '2HOT'한 티저영상 공개! 더 멋지고, 더 강렬하게 돌아온 지나의 모습! 많이 기대해주세요! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ '2HOT to Handle!' G.NA's long anticipated single '2HOT's Teaser has been revealed. Can you stand the heat? ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 三つ目のシングルを持って戻ってきたG.NAの熱いティーザー大公開! もっとセクシーで、もっとパワーフルになって戻ってきたG.NAの姿、 お楽しみに~

HD Brian Joo & G.NA /man fight
On the April 16th edition of MBC's variety show "Quiz That Changes the World," G.NA and Brian Joo starred as guest. G.NA impressed the cast by performing a ballad song and Ivy's sexy dance of "Aha," which even got Brian asking for her number! Both as native English speakers, they were also asked to have an improvised English battle. Who won?

G.NA & HyunA (4Minute) - Together Forever (Say You Love Me) (FULL AUDIO)
# G.NA & HyunA (4Minute) - Together Forever (Say You Love Me) (FULL AUDIO)

[ENG SUB/ MV] G.NA - Kiss Me MV
Kiss Me MV by G.NA with full english subtitles Part of Playful Kiss's OST Support the artist by purchasing their music *DISCLAIMER: i do not own this. it is only for entertainment purpose only and i'm not trying to pass this as my own.NO COPYRIGHT INTENDED Credits: translations go to www.youtube.com

G.Na - Bloom [FULL ALBUM]
G.NA 3rd Mini Album - Bloom 1. Green Light [Feat. 박재범] 0:00 - 3:21 2. 2Hot 3:21 - 6:26 3. 여름 별 (Summer Star) 6:26 - 10:12 4. 오빠, 동생 (Oppa, Dongsaeng) [Feat. 상추] 10:12 - 14:09 5. 때려 쳐 (Quit It) 14:09 - 17:24 6. I'll Back Off So You Can Live Better [Feat. 용준형] (English Ver.) 17:24 - 20:58 DL: keepvid.com

Kpop Music Mondays - G.NA "Black & White"
This week we review G.NA Black & White For more, go to www.eatyourkimchi.com --The Showdown-- G.NA - www.youtube.com T-ara - www.youtube.com --The Gear-- Shot on a Canon 550d and Tokina 11-16mm lens. Edited in Final Cut Pro and Motion. Music made in Garageband --Translated by-- [닉쑤] Enjoy Your Happy Life~*: nixmin82.tistory.com

G.NA, DooJun & JunHyung - Making of I'll Back Off So You Can Live Better MV
Flaunting its star-studded cast which includes Doojoon and Junhyung of BEAST, G.NA's music video for her debut track, I'll Back Off So You Can Live Better has become quite the hot topic recently. Today, behind-the-scenes video was unveiled by Cube Entertainment, capturing the making of the MV. It sure seems like Doojoon and G.NA could be more than just friends. credit: allkpop ------------------------------- Credits to the rightful Owners. No copyright infringement intended. I only uploaded this for entertainment purposes.

G.Na - Loving You
1st Mini Album: Draw G's First Breath (With Rain) (2010) *No copyright infringement intended

[SWGNa] G.Na - 已經開始想你 / 벌써 보고 싶어[繁體中字]
Sweet G.Na ■ 崔智娜台灣後援會■ sweetgna.net 翻譯、字幕:小多

[LIVE HD 100719] G.NA - I'll back off so you can live better - Debut Stage
Again Mic problems...first song has no sound. I wonder if this was before or after she cried from the microphone incident on Inki.

G.Na ft Rain - If u want a lover (애인이 생기면 하고 싶은 일) [Engsub+Romani]
[no copyright infringement intended. for entertainment purposes only]. Artist : G.NA -지나- Album : Draw G`s First Breath (EP) Released: Date: 2010.07.14 Trakclist: 1. 꺼져 줄게 잘 살아 (Feat. Junhyung of BEAST) 2. 애인이 생기면 하고 싶은 일 (With Rain) 3. Supa Solo (Feat. Swings) 4. Loving You 5. 소문났어요

[MV] A Bitter Day - Hyuna & Junhyung + G.NA (ENG SUB)
THANK YOU for +1000 subs! ♥ fuckyeahjunah.tumblr.com | +Info & CREDITS; I said I'd make this back when the song was released, so here it is! :D Sorry for taking so long, I hope it didn't turn out too shabby~! (junah, beast, b2st, 4minute, gina, 현아, 준형) credits; ☆ editor; Kanae ☆ translation; YONGISM@B2STRISING, Chris@4-minute.com, kpopinsanity@youtube, pop!gasa ☆ footage; 4Minuteofficial, beastofficial, Crispi Crunch, 4-minute forums | other: for920606, piercejhunter, CJEnM | fansites: PHENOMENON, SENSATION, THE ORIGINAL, Stage*

G.NA - Black & White (Teaser)
G.NA Black & White teaser

[MV] Verbal Jint feat G.NA - Promise Promise
KPOP 2010

Playful Kiss - G.Na - 키스해줄래 (Kiss Me) Subbed
NO COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT INTENDED. To download the instrumental track, you can go to: kwavecraze.blogspot.com :) Subscribe for more videos:) Or you can head to kwavecraze.blogspot.com to watch free korean variety shows :D Playful Kiss OST! 키스해줄래 (Kiss Me) by G.Na. Subbed Romanji & Hangul. Like, Fave, Rate, & Comment! CREDITS: www.youtube.com eliradcliffe.livejournal.com ss501fighting.wordpress.com www.youtube.com www.youtube.com AUDIO DOWNLOAD LINK: www.mediafire.com VIDEO DOWNLOAD LINK: Coming Soon! :D TRANSLATION: When did this begin, I guess the moment I first saw you Every 1 minute 1 second, you keep coming onto mind What are you doing.. Where are you now Ooh baby I see this I see that I do this I do that You keep coming into my heart, I seemed to have gone crazy.. You do know why my heart is like this.. You do know why I'm feeling like this Day by day I look at you only and waits for you always Until now you're the only one I know and I will love only you It's a valuable moment even when I'm loving you If there is no you, I do not want to do anything at all Every single day when I open my eyes in the morning, I want to see you In my present days now, I cannot live if there is no you I want to hear that one sentence "I love you" though Every day, I love you..Only you, I love only you, Just the two of us Ooh baby.. Probably just by imagination, thoughts like 'You are mine' Can make my heart pound whole day long I seemed to have gone crazy I will run towards you ...

G.NA - Black & White LYRICS (Rom / Eng / Hangul)
Artist: G.NA (Gina Choi) Song: Black & White Entertainment Company: Cube Entertainment Date Released: 1.18.11 Download Song: www.mediafire.com If there is a mistake anywhere in the video, please tell me and I will try and fix it. I got all the lyrics and translations from a website, so forgive me if they are not 100% accurate. Enjoy! ^^ ================================================ *I DO NOT OWN THIS SONG, SINGER, LYRICS, OR ANY OTHER MEDIA INSIDE THIS VIDEO. I ONLY CREATED THE SLIDES CONTAINING THE LYRICS PURELY FOR ENTERTAINMENT USE SO THAT OTHERS MAY SING ALONG TO THE SONG.. ALL RIGHTS GO TO RESPECTFUL OWNERS. NO COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT INTENDED. THANK YOU.*

Follow Your Heart #12 Gina Choi aka G.Na
Follow us and keep in touch! Gina Choi twitter.com Arden Cho twitter.com facebook.com www.ardencho.com

Jay Park talks about his relationship with G.Na, Gangnam Style and Australia
Just friends or lovers? Jay Park talks about his relationship with songstress G.Na, the Gangnam Style phenomenon and his visit in Australia. Full article: t.co hellokpop www.hellokpop.com www.facebook.com hellokpop.tumblr.com www.youtube.com Instagram: @itshellokpop