Music Video for Recitation of The Korean Poem "Burying The Face in Tears"
This video is not general music video, but special music video for recitation of the korean poem. :) The title of poem is "Burying The Face in Tears (눈물에 얼굴을 묻는다)". It is composed by Won Tae-Yeon (원태연), who is a best-selling poet in south korea, and recited by Yoo Ji-Tae (유지태) who is a famous korean actor and starring in the korean film "Old Boy (올드보이)". The Background Music of Recitation is composed by Lee Cheol-Won (이철원). The music video is starring Yoo Ji-Tae and Han Go-Eun (한고은). This poem was published in 2000 as a book of poetry which has a same title "Burying The Face in Tears". Unlike other books, this book includes a Special Recitation-CD. In this CD, there are total 10 recitations of poem. This book was the first and innovative attempt in the korean literary world . It is one of the popular and indepth books of poetry in south korea. PS : The lyric of korean song ,which has also the same title "Burying My Face In Tears(눈물에 얼굴을 묻는다)" and sung by Jang Na-Ra(장나라), was also composed by Won Tae-Yeon. :)